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‘Do this in a hijab’: Christians outraged after Rihanna’s ‘sexy nun’ photoshoot for Interview, singer had earlier apologised to Muslims

Many users blasted Rihanna for making light of a sacred Christian religious garment and dared her to do the same with an Islamic attire.

Kerala: Orthodox church priest and around 50 Christian families join BJP after the party launched ‘Sneha Yatra’ to connect with the community in the...

Priest along with 50 families from the Christian community recently became members of the BJP in Kerala.

Days before Hamas launched a brutal attack on Israeli civilians, ISIS mouthpiece had called for the extermination of Jews and Xtians ‘enemies’

The ISIS mouthpiece 'Voice of Khurasan' had published a vicious piece calling for violence against Jews and Christians.

Pakistan: Christian couple arrested for ‘blasphemy’ in Lahore, less than a month after Jaranwala hate crimes shocked the world

The North Cantonment police registered a blasphemy case against the woman, identified as Kiran and her husband Shaukat Masih for their alleged involvement in desecrating the holy scripture. The case was filed under Section 295-b of the Pakistan Penal Code. 

Appears as if we are waiting for provocation: Pakistani YouTuber questions trigger happy mindset of Muslims on blasphemy allegations

"We want space everywhere but are reluctant to give others (religious minotiries) the same space in Pakistan," Junaid Akram said.

Pakistan: Churches vandalised and set ablaze, Christians under attack by Muslim mobs over alleged blasphemy charges in Jaranwala

A mob of Muslim fanatics attacked Christians, their properties and churches in Jaranwala over alleged desecration of Quran.

From a hill tribe in India to a lost tribe in Israel: Did you know Kukis from Manipur had demanded a right to return...

It is believed that the tribals converted without much effort due to the similarities they found in the biblical stories told to them by the missionaries.

Two-year-old sentenced to life imprisonment after North Korean officials catch his parents with a Bible: Report

The child along with his entire family was jailed in a political prison camp in North Korea in 2009

FIR registered against a pastor and others for conducting Christian prayers at a Hindu temple in Warangal: Report

Outrage swept social media on Sunday after a video of Christians praying at a Hindu temple in Telangana had gone viral on the internet.

Congress leader Digvijay Singh, Delhi Youth Wing wish ‘Happy’ Good Friday: Here is why there is nothing ‘happy’ about the day for Christians

Had Congress leader Digvijay Singh and Delhi Youth Wing done little research before rushing to a public platform to wish 'happy' Good Friday to its Christian supporters, they would have saved themselves from appearing like imbeciles in the public eye

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