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The Sri Lankan government had yesterday stated that a domestic terror outfit the National Thowheed Jama'ath is responsible for the attacks.
As the third phase of the 2019 Lok Sabha election is being held on Tuesday, nearly 30 of the 115 Lok Sabha seats going to polls in the third phase of elections have substantial Muslim population
PM Wickremasinghe has also stated that they would need international help to ascertain whether the terrorists had received help from another country.
Robert Spencer, Director of the Jihad Watch, pointed out many Muslims “believe that the ruins and destruction of non-Muslim structures testify to the truth of Islam.”
In his rant, the Padre even abused the late Goa CM Manohar Parrikar and said he was 'punished' with cancer as he had his pockets full
Earlier, the election dates had triggered concerns from political parties since dates coincided with Ramzan.
Hermann Geissler, who was the Chief of staff in the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, has been accused of sex abuse by a former nun of the Church named Doris Wagner-Reisinger
Archbishop Govada Dyvasirvadam was arrested in December for misappropriating church funds worth several crores.
Delhi High Court was hearing a case where a doctor's OCI was cancelled by authorities claiming that he was carrying out evangelical, medical missionary and conversion activities.
The youth approached the Superintendent of Police to lodge the complaint accusing the priest of threatening to kill him if he ever complains to the police.
Today, several reports have suggested that the Modi government is all set to approve a 10% reservation for the economically backward sections of the society.
Thabir, a Hindu had married Surabhi, a Christian, in a court in Odisha in 2014.
The Sentinelese have been on the radar of Christian Missionaries for a while now.
The shelter home was being operated illegally with gross irregularities
The organisers had set up a pandal at Barasat’s Colony in Kolkatta and theme of the Kali Pandal was 2018 Fifa World Cup.
Uttam Kumar Reddy addressing All India Christian Federation attempted to appease Chrisitan communities by offering sops and huge reservations.
The police investigation has revealed that two more boys had also been sexually abused by the priest.
A minor confrontation took place between the evangelists and some local residents who objected to this targeting of Hindus at a religious event.
Criticise them and challenge them. But do it with the right understanding or be a skeptic and just say "I don't know".
Imperative to evaluate the arguments with sound reasoning and not sacrifice the dignity of the victims at the altars of political correctness
India has not begun to take even small, tentative steps towards true freedom.
This is not the first time that Rajdeep Sardesai has displayed his hypocrisy
Tribal groups in Arunachal Pradesh oppose CM Khandu's plan to abolish the anti-conversion law
It is being reported that the arrested pastor is a resident of Muzaffarnagar.
More than Kairana, it is Chengannur that should be cause for concern
It appears some Christians are catching the radical bug from the most rabid sections of Islamists in Indian society.
Is the Archbishop in violation of the Supreme Court ruling of 2017?
The discrimination includes not giving the 'Dalit Christians' a priest status
The village was declared Hindu only after some Christian evangelists tried to convert some of its residents

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