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CM Ashok Gehlot

Ashok Gehlot ruined Rajasthan’s economy, left a debt of Rs 5.37 lakh crore on the state, failed to boost GDP

A report by the Reserve Bank of India shows that Rajasthan has a debt of Rs 5.37 lakh crore by the end of the financial year 2022-23. This debt was only Rs 2.81 lakh crore in 2018 when Ashok Gehlot took over the office.

Sky, water or land, Congress has done corruption everywhere: PM Narendra Modi attacks the ruling party on the last day of campaigning in Rajasthan

PM Modi attacked Congress for its scams and urged voters to elect BJP govt in Rajasthan in a rally in Deogarh.

Rajasthan mid-day meal scam: 10 locations linked to Congress minister Rajendra Yadav, close aide of CM Ashok Gehlot, searched by ED

The ED officials confirmed that the raids were linked to the mid-day meal scam. However, other details in connection with the raid were not made public.

Rajasthan’s sacked minister Rajendra Gudha reads out pages from the red diary, CM Gehlot’s son, his PA and alleged transactions in RCA find mention

Gudha has claimed that in these pages Rathore, a close aide of the CM, has mentioned transactions with the CM's son and RCA secretary Bhavani Samota, among others.

My “Red Diary” contains all the information about corruption in Rajasthan under Ashok Gehlot government: Sacked Congress minister Rajendra Gudha

Rajendra Gudha claims that the red diary is jam-packed with facts and proof of Ashok Gehlot and his son's wrongdoings during his term as the chief minister of Rajasthan.

‘Rajasthan number 1 in crime against women’: Ex-Minister Rajendra Gudha refuses to apologise for his remarks on women’s safety, was earlier sacked by Congress

Former minister Rajendra Singh Gudha was sacked by Congress for admitting failure of Rajasthan govt in ensuring women's safety.

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