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अर्पित त्रिपाठी

अवध से बाहर निकला यात्री...

CISF constable Kulwinder Kaur is not the only one, postal ballots received by separatists indicate the system is full of terror and separatist sympathisers

The victories of Amritpal Singh, Sarabjit Singh Khalsa and Engineer Rashid must raise alarm bells for the Indian government.

Fake YouTube journalists bring down the Modi govt every day on their channels, they are wasting the time of audiences while making millions

Despite the obvious signs that the NDA is regaining power, certain former journalists and YouTubers are persistently disseminating the propaganda of opposition parties including Congress

10 years ago on 16th May, India chose Narendra Modi as its Prime Minister, now the country awaits a hattrick on 4th June

PM Narendra Modi has set a target of 370 seats for the BJP and 400 seats for the NDA in this year's general election.

From struggling to buy fighter jets during Congress rule to exports worth Rs 88,000 crores under Modi govt: How defence sector is powering Atma...

Registering a growth of more than 1900%, the defence exports amounted to Rs 88,319 crore in the ten years of the Modi government (2014-2024). 

Modi government’s successful rescue operations: Here is how PM Modi became a Sankatmochak for Indians stranded abroad in times of global crises

Throughout the tenure of the Modi government, numerous rescue operations were conducted to rescue and evacuate Indians stranded in various crisis hit countries

95000 km National Highways, 25871 km Railway Lines, 74 Airports: Read how Modi govt sped up infrastructure development from the ground to the sky

When the Modi government came to power in 2014, the total length of national highways in the country was 91,287 km. Now in 2024, it has become 1.46 lakh km showing a massive 60% increase in a decade.

Jal Jeevan Mission: From 16% village homes in 2019, tap water coverage rises to 75% in last 5 yrs of Modi govt; Gujarat-Haryana ensure...

The Modi administration is raising its annual contribution to Jal Jeevan Mission which has received Rs 1.82 lakh crore in investment till now.

Modi govt constructed 3.3 crore homes for people who had the dreams of owning a permanent home: Know how PM Awas Yojana changed lives...

PM Awas Yojana was launched in 2015 in rural India and 2016 in the cities of the country. Houses have their positions geotagged.

Indian villages have prospered over the past ten years: purchasing power has risen, poverty level down to 5 per cent of population

Over the past ten to eleven years, the economic gap between the village and the metropolis has narrowed.

Increased MSP, three-fold increase in fertiliser subsidies under Modi govt: Here is how the agriculture sector transformed in 10 years

The Modi government has taken numerous initiatives to assist farmers over the last ten years, ranging from MSP to fertiliser subsidies. Fertiliser subsidies have nearly tripled, while the agricultural budget has increased fourfold.

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