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South Africa: Man confesses to starting building fire that killed 76, wanted to hide a body after committing murder

29-year-old drug addict killed a man and tried to dispose the body by buring it. The fire engulfed the whole building killing 76.

‘Crushed Shraddha’s bones in a grinder and threw its powder on the road’: Aftab Poonawala reveals shocking details in his confession

In the charge sheet filed by the Delhi Police, there have been many shocking revelations from Aftab Poonawala's confession.

Pfizer director assaults journalist after being caught on camera saying the Pharma giant is working on ‘mutating Covid-19 virus’. Here is what happened

In his defence, the Pfizer director claimed, "I was trying to impress a person on a date by lying."

Senior Bihar journalist confesses to kidnapping two people himself few years back, normalises ‘jungle raj’

Senior journalist Kanhaiya Bhelari confessed to kidnapping two men who owed him money a few years back.

Delhi Police confirm OpIndia report, say that Tahir Hussain has confessed he had planned the Delhi riots to teach Hindus a lesson

Tahir Hussain confesses before Delhi police that he had planned the Delhi Riots, collected materials in advance for the same

Indian Army releases confession video of two Lashkar-e-Taiba terrorists from Pakistan who were caught last month

Indian Army today released video recording of confession of two Pakistani terrorists nabbed by Indian security forces.

Gauri Lankesh Case: Accused Waghmare says police offered 25 lakhs to confess, claims torture by SIT

The SIT had hit a roadblock accused Parashuram Waghmare had recently refused to confess to the crime before the magistrate.

Christian man arrested for desecrating Holy Crosses in Goa

A Hindu group named Sanatan Sanstha in particular and RSS in general was blamed earlier for the act.

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