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‘Not a Sikh-Hindu conflict’ – Australian Hindus call out state-owned media for whitewashing pro-Khalistani activities in Australia

Australian Hindu Association called out state-owned media houses like ABC and SBS for whitewashing pro-Khalistani activities in Australia

Union Home Minister Amit Shah lays out a five-point action plan to resolve the Maharashtra-Karnataka border dispute

On Maharashtra-Karnataka border conflict, Amit Shah said disputes cannot be settled on the streets in a democratic process.

‘We should not bank on US help in confrontation with China’: How CDS Gen Rawat’s words about ‘Atmanirbharta’ holds true amidst Russian invasion of...

Late CDS General Bipin Rawat in his interview with Sandeep Unnithan warned India against relying on the US in tackling China

Joe Biden asks American citizens to vacate Ukraine, says it’s World War when Americans and Russians start shooting at each other

During the interview, Joe Biden claimed to have warned Russian President Vladimir Putin against harming American citizens.

Amidst speculations of the impending Russian invasion of Ukraine, read what the conflict is about

Russia's military build up along the Ukrainian border is reportedly against the NATO's support to the former Soviet state

#SanctionPakistan trends as Afghans demand sanctions against Pakistan for supporting Taliban

Afghans on social media websites are demanding sanctions against Pakistan for its role in encouraging and supporting Taliban.

Lebanon fires rockets at Israel in fresh attack, IDF sends ground troops to Gaza: Recent developments

Amidst the ongoing conflict between Israel and Palestine, Lebanon launched a fresh attack on the Jewish State.

Israel Defence Forces debunk propaganda peddled by Palestinian supporters, explain how Hamas is causing death of Gazan civilians

Israel Defence Forces informed that about 1,750 rockets have been fired at the Jewish State by terror outfits such as Hamas and Palestinian Islamic Jihad.

Ukraine-Russia conflict: All you need to know about the situation as tensions rise amid military build-up

Ukraine-Russia conflict started in 2014, increase in military movement across Russian side of the border has worried western countries

Tigray conflict: US directs Eritrea govt to withdraw from Ethiopia, fugitive rebel leader releases audiotape

Ethiopia has denied any presence of Eritrean troops in the Tigray region. Eritrea said US concerns were 'provocative' and 'ill-intentioned'.

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