Thursday, February 25, 2021


Coronavirus outbreak

Self criticism for the online right: Why are we giving liberals a free pass on the economy right now?

Most forecasters agree that India will show the highest GDP growth among all major economies in 2021.

Allah knew in 2011 that COVID will come in 2020, that is why graveyards were made before that: Watch bizarre viral video of Dr...

In the undated viral video, Dr Jitendra Awhad said the government had built the graveyard in time to accommodate COVID-19 casualties

‘Will the BJP take responsibility’, asks Shiv Sena as it looks to shift blame, hits out at BJP for rising Coronavirus cases in Maharashtra

Instead of owning up to its administrative failure, Shiv Sena has alleged that BJP needs to take the blame for rising Coronavirus cases in Maharashtra

Maharashtra: Coronavirus cases see a sharp rise, govt warns of another lockdown

On every day of the second week of February, Maharashtra reported more than 3,000 coronavirus cases, something it had not reported in at least a month.

The New York Times is at it again! How their Editorial Director tried to cast aspersions on India’s Coronavirus vaccine drive and diplomacy

Shreeya Sinha, the Editorial Director of the New York Times (NYT), took to Twitter to cast aspersions about India's Coronavirus vaccination drive

Chinese expert and WHO claim Chinese coronavirus did not originate in China

A fact-finding team of WHO and Chinese experts to determine the origins of the coronavirus said there was insufficient evidence to suggest COVID-19 was being spread in China's Wuhan before December 2019

‘The self reliant budget has something to offer for everyone’, HM Amit Shah lauds the Union Budget

HM Amit Shah opined that the 2021-22 Union Budget presented by Nirmala Sitharaman would pave the way for a self-reliant India.

187 students and 75 teachers in Malappuram test positive for COVID-19, Kerala now accounts for 55% total active cases

Kerala government had recently been accused of underreporting the number of COVID-19 cases and deaths related to coronavirus complications

Expert on Chinese security affairs Bill Gertz makes explosive revelations on Coronavirus origins, reveals China had discovered 2000 viruses

Bill Gertz lamented that Facebook continues to label his article as 'false' despite vindication from the US State Department.

The life and times of Rajdeep Sardesai: Multiple apologies, repeated ‘mistakes’ and dedicated propaganda, from Sohrabuddin to Coronavirus

Speculations are rife that Rajdeep Sardesai has resigned from India Today after he was taken off air for spreading fake news

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