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Covid-19 deaths

Ex Mumbai mayor Kishori Pednekar, 2 officials pulled off body bags scam worth Rs 50 lakh, ED to initiate fresh case in covid jumbo...

According to the EOW FIR, BMV officials bought 1,200 body bags since 2020 for about Rs 80 lakh, a fraud committed under instructions from the former mayor.

China’s Zhejiang provincial government deletes Covid-19 mortality data after numbers show over 70% increase in cremations in the first quarter

China has reportedly deleted the mortality data of one of its most populated provinces, which included the Covid-19 death toll too.

Medical journal Lancet uses dubious Covid data and presses freedom rankings to target Narendra Modi government: Busting their propaganda

Medical journal The Lancet targetted Modi government with dubious data, reports and rankings in an editorial

As global media reports ring alarm over rising Covid cases in China, Global Times, the CCP mouthpiece says ‘all is well’

The World Health Organisation (WHO) on December 22 expressed concerns over the unprecedented wave of Covid cases in China and asked it to accelerate vaccination of the most vulnerable.

Beijing reports first COVID-19 deaths after easing of restrictions

After facing widespread protests over its zero-covid policy, China backtracked and relaxed its draconian restrictions.

Photos that dishonoured COVID deaths, shamed India, by photographer who was murdered by Taliban, win Pulitzer

Danish Siddiqui was killed by the Taliban on July 16, 2021, during an assignment in the war-torn country of Afghanistan.

‘Fallacious and completely inaccurate’: Govt dismisses media reports claiming COVID-19 mortality in India higher than official counts

Interestingly, the paper says that their claim of the number of deaths is based on 'models' and estimates, not actual data. Meaning the 3.2 -3.7 million figure is 'speculation', not based on actual data.

On this day, Dr Li Wenliang died of Covid after warning the world about it: Read how China had silenced him

Dr Li Wenliang, the whistleblower who tried to tell the world about the Covid pandemic had died on February 7, 2020.

Pakistan picks up tweet by Rahul Gandhi where he casts aspersions on India’s handling of COVID based on a ‘The Wire’ interview

Pakistan, which is always quick to pick up on Congress' propaganda in order to malign India, lapped up tweet by Rahul Gandhi

USA: Waiting for days to get a Covid test, thousands of wasted tests and a ‘testing company’ that is now facing investigation

As the cases rise, the USA is also facing an acute shortage of test kits. There are many posts on social media highlighting the long queues and delays in getting a test done. Some people have reported that despite paying hundreds of dollars for the tests and booking days, even weeks in advance, they are unable to have a test done.

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