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Twitter was asked to restrict ‘Hindu nationalists’ associated with BJP based on fake TekFog database by TheWire: The web of deceit

The US-based DFRLab claimed that despite being well aware that the dataset could not be linked to the BJP, it nonetheless provided the list to social media platforms (including Twitter) as part of 'due diligence.'

India Today editors’ tussle with Republic TV is ruining their own credibility, one tweet at a time: Read how

Rahul Kanwal and Rajdeep's sly, targeted tweets against Republic TV are only helping to take their own credibilities further down, and exposing their own hypocrisy.

The Quint’s biased and wayward journalism may hurt Bloomberg’s global brand

There are way too many controversies related with The Quint. Does Bloomberg not care about its brand image?

Prannoy Roy blocks Malini Parthasarathy on Twitter for calling out ‘press freedom’ drama

The NDTV founder decided to safeguard himself from dissenting views within the media fraternity.

Survey reveals 80% people dissatisfied with the quality of mainstream media in India

People have lost trust in TV news completely while a huge majority thought that overall the media was biased.

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