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delhi riots ground report 2022

Ex-AAP councillor Tahir Hussain granted bail in sixth case linked to anti-Hindu Delhi riots, to remain in judicial custody in other cases including UAPA

Despite being granted the bail Tahir Hussain will continue to be in judicial custody in other FIRs registered against him

Three years since the 2020 Delhi anti-Hindu riots: February 2020 onwards, OpIndia has got exclusive details from the ground. Here is an overview

OpIndia has painstakingly chronicled the horrors meted out to the Hindus from December 2019 and which finally culminated into the gruesome riots in Delhi in February 2020

The Wire is sold out, published reports after taking money, I and my family are getting threats now: Brahmpuri lawyer

Advocate Pradeep Sharma said, "Considering the safety of my family, I am planning to sell the house. When the riots took place in 2020, only a few houses belonged to Muslims, today there are many Muslim households here."

Two years of Delhi riots: Businesses in the building of key conspirator Tahir Hussain running smoothly while Hindus in the area selling their houses

The building of the former corporator of AAP Tahir Hussain was the center of the conspiracy of Delhi riots

As the Hindu victims of the 2020 Delhi riots try to rebuild their ruined businesses, they say their lives were saved because of PM...

Two years after the Delhi anti-Hindu riots, the memories keep haunting the local Hindu community

Two years since Delhi anti-Hindu riots: The family of Naresh Saini, who was killed by a Muslim mob, still struggling to survive

Naresh Saini, a vegetable seller, was one of the victims of the Delhi anti-Hindu riots. He was shot to death by a Muslim mob.

Two years on, the atmosphere has changed but people of Delhi anti-Hindu riots victim Vinod Kumar’s locality still live in constant fear

A victim of the Delhi anti-Hindu riots, Vinod Kumar, was brutally beaten to death in front of his son Nitin Kumar alias Monu on the ghastly night of 24 February 2020.

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