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Two years of Delhi riots: Businesses in the building of key conspirator Tahir Hussain running smoothly while Hindus in the area selling their houses

Hindus living in the lane number six, seven, eight and nine are leaving the place in large numbers, even after two years of the Delhi riots.

As the Delhi riots of 2020 mark their second anniversary, it becomes necessary to take an account of what is the current ground situation of the riot-hit areas as compared to what it was before the riots took place. Chaandbaag and Karaval Nagar area of northeast Delhi was severely hit by the anti-CAA, anti-Hindu Delhi riots in which Hindu properties in this area were marked, targeted, and vandalized causing them losses worth crores.

A building of the former corporator of AAP Tahir Hussain was the centre of the conspiracy. The riots were planned here. This building was also a safe hiding place for many rioters and weapons like petrol bombs. This building is reopened now. On the other hand, the locals claim that many Hindus living in the lane in front of Tahir Hussain’s building have left the place forever, selling their properties to Muslims who have managed to pay high to procure them.

Why the Hindus are leaving the lane in front of Hussain’s building?

Situations in Chaandbaag after two years of the Delhi riots.

The OpIndia team reached Tahir Hussain’s building near the Chaandbaag bridge and saw a group of people standing there outside the building. These people were working in the same building that houses various small businesses. When we tried to get a look at the activities happening inside, the people closed the door gates. Tahir Hussain is currently in jail and he is trying to get out on a bail. The court has reserved its order on his plea regarding the same. His brother Shah Alam has already come out of jail. Not only this, in September 2021, he was acquitted by the court in a case related to the Delhi riots. It is said that he has taken charge of all the businesses of Tahir Hussain now.

The marriage hall and parking near Tahir Hussain’s building. This space has now been revamped.

There is a small parking space near Tahir Hussain’s house. This space is now remodified and is made suitable for small marriage functions and parties. People there said that whatever losses had occurred then is history now and no one can change it. The people also informed that as of now there is no communal tension in that area. But, even today, the people fear to pass from the Muslim-dominated areas, especially in the night hours. These people also informed that so many Hindus living in the Hindu-majority lanes have left the place after the Delhi riots.

Hindus selling their houses

Tahir Hussain’s house is situated right in front of lane number six. This lane is popularly known as the Moonganagar lane. This lane houses a Shiva temple and major Hindu houses. The Aroda furniture shop was located exactly on the corner of this lane. Rioters had looted it and set it on fire. Rioters came from the masjid-lane situated behind the Mustafabad area and pelted stones on the temple.

A local resident informed that many Hindus in this locality have sold their houses and left the place. They also informed about the particular houses sold by the Hindus. All these houses are bought by the Muslims and they have managed to pay higher amounts for these properties.

Hindus selling their house is a phenomenon not limited only to lane number six. This has already started in lanes number seven, eight, and nine. The lanes which were having a major Hindu population before the Delhi riots are now witnessing the entry of the Muslims there. Giri Automobile Workshop and a few other shops in this area are also sold to Muslims.

Houses in the major Hindu lanes. These houses are now sold to Muslims.

Conversations with people in this area revealed that Hindu-Muslim relations in the area are no more as harmonious as they used to be before the Delhi riots. It is notable that the charge-sheet filed in the Ankit Sharma murder case has revealed that Tahir Hussain had not only planned and conspired and instigated people for the Delhi riots but he also attacked the Hindus of the Chaandbaag area by pelting stones and acid from the terrace.

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