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Karnataka: Farmers demanding power supply in Vijayapura take crocodile to electricity office as a sign of protest

The farmers placed the crocodile in front of HESCOM officials and demanded uninterrupted three-phase electricity during daylight hours.

Watch: Topless female ‘activists’ wearing shorts soaked in red ink at the crotch disrupt the annual anti-abortion demonstrations in Paris

A group of 5 bare-chested women and wearing shorts soaked in red at the crotch disrupted the anti-abortion rally in Paris.

‘Freedom to protest is a fundamental principle but not absolute’: UK PM Rishi Sunak announces measures to clamp down disruptive protests

UK PM Rishi Sunak announced a slew of measures empowering police to clamp down on disruptive protests.

Anti-China sentiments in Nepal rising over Beijing’s interventionist and expansionist policies: Report

The report, published in Khabarhub, said protests against Chinese hegemony has been a daily affair in Nepal

As Australia registers record COVID-19 cases, massive protests break out against tightening restrictions

Australia is in midst of fresh COVID-19 outbreak with daily new cases topping 4,000, the highest since the start of pandemic

Bharat Bandh: Congress supported ‘farmer’ protestors block roads, sit on railway tracks but fail to make an impact

Earlier in March this year, ‘farmer protestors’ gave calls for ‘Bharat Bandh’ in Punjab and caused a loss of ₹500 crores in a single day.

Australia: Violent protesters take to streets against draconian lockdown restrictions, assault police officers

Several states in Australia have gone under lockdown since the resurgence of COVID-19 outbreak in June 2021

Economy, Covid and oppression: Why Cubans are taking to the streets in biggest anti-government protests in over 3 decades

Cuba is witnessing its biggest protests in over thirty years, set off by struggling economy, regular power outages and Covid.

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