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Digvijaya Singh

Karan Morwal, expelled from Congress over rape accusations, seen with Rahul Gandhi and senior party leaders during Bharat Jodo Nyay Yatra

Karan Morwal was expelled by the Madhya Pradesh Congress Committee (MPCC) in 2022 for six years following rape charges filed against him.

Maharashtra: Thane court orders Digvijaya Singh to give written apology for insulting former RSS chief Golwalkar Guruji

Digvijaya Singh ordered by a Thane court to apologise for a contentious post insulting former RSS chief MS Golwalkar Guruji

Digvijaya Singh, who has failed in his attempts to become Madhya Pradesh CM since 2003, says he lost faith in EVMs after 2003

Congress leader Digvijaya Singh once again cries EVM hacking. Says he lost faith in EVMs after 2003, the year he was ousted as Madhya Pradesh CM.

Digvijaya Singh comes out in support of urban naxals Shoma Sen and Umar Khalid: Here is what they are facing trial for

Digvijaya Singh suggested that Umar Khalid and Shoma Sen were incarcerated for supposedly speaking up for Dalits and minorities.

Madhya Pradesh: Congress MLA Phool Singh Baraiya fulfils his promise of blackening his face if BJP wins 50 seats in the state

Congress MLA Phool Singh Baraiya from Bhander blackened his face outside Raj Bhavan in Bhopal.

Any machine with a chip can be hacked: Congress leader Digvijaya Singh peddles ‘EVM hack’ theory after BJP wins 3 State elections

Digvijaya Singh conveniently forgot that his party won the Telangana assembly election that was conducted through EVM.

‘Tear Digvijaya Singh’s clothes’: Kamal Nath incites supporters as rift within Madhya Pradesh Congress over ticket distribution widens

Kamal Nath called on Congress supporters to tear the clothes of Digvijaya Singh over ticket distribution for upcoming polls.

‘Hindutva card won’t work, didn’t work for Digvijaya in 2019′: Mani Shankar Aiyar rejects Congress’ tactics to pitch soft Hindutva before every poll

Congress, as soon as any important polls are approaching, deftly reverses course from its Muslim appeasement stance and begins promoting its "soft-Hindutva" image

Congress leader Digvijay Singh, Delhi Youth Wing wish ‘Happy’ Good Friday: Here is why there is nothing ‘happy’ about the day for Christians

Had Congress leader Digvijay Singh and Delhi Youth Wing done little research before rushing to a public platform to wish 'happy' Good Friday to its Christian supporters, they would have saved themselves from appearing like imbeciles in the public eye

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