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Congress leader Digvijay Singh, Delhi Youth Wing wish ‘Happy’ Good Friday: Here is why there is nothing ‘happy’ about the day for Christians

Congress should know that Good Friday is not a pleasant occasion. It is, in fact, a solemn day on which Christians remember and honour Christ's suffering as he was crucified on this day.

Today (April 7), when Christians are observing Good Friday this year, Congress has taken to Twitter to wish Christians with substantial enthusiasm and fervour, however, some of their wishes are misplaced, to say the least. Congress senior leader Digvijay Singh took to Twitter to extend wishes on Good Friday, but with a catch.

He wished Christians a “happy” Good Friday. “Wishing a very blessed and Happy Good Friday to everyone. May this Holy Day bring into our life Happiness and Well Being”, he tweeted.

Screengrab of the tweet posted by Congress senior leader Digvijaya Singh

Delhi Youth Congress was also quick to follow suit. They too took to Twitter to wish ‘Happy’ Good Friday to all their Christian supporters and well-wishers.

Screengrab of the tweet posted by the Delhi Youth Congress

Had Congress done little research before rushing to a public platform to extend their best wishes, they would have saved themselves from appearing foolish in the public eye. They would have realised that there is nothing ‘happy’ about Good Friday. It is not a pleasant occasion. It is, in fact, a solemn day on which Christians commemorate Christ’s suffering and strive to feel part of that sacrifice for themselves (by fasting and abstinence).

Significance of Good Friday and why there is nothing ‘happy’ about the occasion

The Friday before Easter is observed as Good Friday. It is believed that Jesus Christ was crucified on a Friday. Hence, Good Friday is observed as a day of mourning. Also known as Black Friday and Holy Friday, Good Friday is the day when Jesus Christ sacrificed his life to redeem the sins of the ones who believe in him.

On this day, the Romans crucified Jesus. Because of his claim to be the Son of God, Jesus was accused of blasphemy. Because the Jewish religious authorities were angered by Jesus’ claims, they handed him over to the Romans. The governor of Rome, Pontius Pilate, had ordered Jesus Christ’s execution. One of his followers, Judas, got Jesus arrested by Roman troops and was rewarded with 30 pieces of silver as a reward. He had told the Roman soldiers that he was kissing Jesus and that they should arrest him. This episode inspired Gustave Doré’s famous painting “The Judas Kiss,” which he made in 1866.

Jesus Christ was arrested and beaten up by the Roman authorities. On the day of his crucifixion, Jesus carried the cross to the site of his execution, known in Latin as Calvary. He was nailed to the crucifix he was carrying by his wrists and ankles. He was crucified in this position till his death.

Hence on this day, Christians honour Jesus’ sacrifices, the manner in which he was crucified, his sufferings, the tortures he endured, and the agonising death he endured.

There are numerous beliefs as to why it is called Good Friday; some say it alludes to God, while others feel it refers to the goodness of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice. Good Friday heralds the start of the Easter weekend.

For centuries, people have observed this day. There is believed to be historical evidence from the 4th-century journal of a wealthy woman named Egeria, who is said to have conducted a visit to Jerusalem. She wrote about her trips, including how Christians observed Palm Sunday and other customs. As Christianity spread, other early churches like as Antioch, Rome, and Constantinople commemorated the day.

In many places, believers re-enact Jesus Christ’s last journey, carrying the cross to Calvary, where he was tormented and forced to wear a crown of thorns as he made the gruelling journey to the mountaintop.

Many people commemorate Good Friday by fasting and attending church services.

Therefore, people do not greet each other by saying “Happy Good Friday”.

Congress feels Muharram is also a ‘happy’ occasion

Well, here is another example of Congress’ ignorance. In 2021, Youth Congress had taken to the microblogging site Twitter to wish its Muslim supporters a ‘Happy’ Muharram.

Screengrab of Youth Congress’ Tweet from 2021

Last year, now Congress President Mallikarjun was slammed for suggesting ‘celebrating Muharram.’ It may be recalled that in October last year, when Mallikarjun Kharge (who was a presidential candidate then) was asked about the party’s Prime Ministerial candidate, he said, There is a saying “Bakrid mein bachenge toh Muharram mein nachenge. First, let these elections get over and let me become president, then we’ll see.”

The remarks were strongly condemned by the BJP who said that the veteran leader had insulted the Muslims by mocking the Islamist occasion of Muharram.

BJP spokesperson Shehzad Poonawalla shared Kharge’s video and said, “Firstly, Muharram is not a celebration but a mourning! This is highly insulting to Muslims. The statement made by Kharge is highly objectionable”. He further stated that Muslims across the globe never celebrate Muharram. “It is not a month of celebrations. It is a month of sorrow and a month of mahtaam (mourning). Therefore, to say that there will be naach-ganaa in Muharram is extremely objectionable”, he added.

Like Good Friday, the Islamist occasion of Muharram is also a day of mourning. It is believed that on this day, Imam Hussayn Ali, the grandson of Prophet Muhammad, was killed. This is one reason why the Muslims take out street procession in which they walk barefoot, chanting and whipping their chests until it draws blood to commemorate the sufferings of Imam Hussayn, considering Muharram as a sad occasion.

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