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Dinesh Sharma

‘I’ll be sad on March 10, when in the evening Munawwar Rana will have to leave UP’: What Dy CM Dinesh Sharma said

UP Dy CM Dinesh Sharma said that it will be disheartening to see Munawwar Rana leave that state on March 10, when poll results are declared and Yogi Adityanath retains his CM's chair

‘Will personally see off Munawwar Rana if he leaves UP after Yogi is re-elected as CM,’ says Dy CM Dinesh Sharma

Munawwar Rana had threatened to leave UP if Yogi Adityanath is re-elected as the CM with the help of AIMIM

Mughals were plunderers who looted our country: UP Deputy CM Dinesh Sharma

He made the statement during an award ceremony of a news channel

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