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What is Operation Fox Hunt and why are experts concerned about China’s nominee winning Interpol seat

These legislators had also batted against Hu Binchen’s appointment to the Interpol due to allegations that he is directly involved in China's Operation Fox Hunt

Congress’ dissenting leaders to meet again, Kapil Sibal to host the G-23 at his residence for dinner

The senior Congress leader, Kapil Sibal, will be hosting the 'G23 group of dissenters' a day after he turned 73.

British Security agencies warn dissident Pakistani exiles living in Europe as Pakistan prepares a ‘Hit List’

Pakistan has prepared a ‘Hit List’ of exiled Pakistani activists and journalists living in Europe, UK and thee are facing life threats

Amarinder Singh refuses to meet Navjot Singh Sidhu until Sidhu apologises to him, will accept party decision on state Congress chief

Captain Amarinder Singh has demanded a public apology from Navjot Singh Sidhu for his offensive comments and Tweets

‘Even North Korea is not this crazy’: Defector rails against woke US universities for encouraging cancel culture and intolerance to dissent

A 27-year-old defector said she found little difference between the repressive culture in North Korea and the American woke culture

Journalist close to Congress reveals how it is the Sonia Gandhi factor that is stopping several rebels from calling it quits, Rahul Gandhi absent

According to writer Rasheed Kidwai, Sonia Gandhi is attempting to mitigate the damage by keeping dissident leaders soldered to the party

Chinese Instagram-like startup Xiaohongshu faces investigation after veiled reference to Tiananmen Square massacre anniversary

China's startup Xiaohongshu faces investigation over a post that was alleged to be lined to the anniversary of the 1989 Tiananmen Square massacre.

In a show of strength against party leadership, ‘G23’ group of dissident Congress leaders hold a rally in Jammu

The dissident 'Group of 23' Congress leaders are assembling in Jammu and expected to make a statement against party leadership

‘Jack Ma is safe and sound’, is ‘laying low’ claims founder and chairman of equity firm Primavera Capital Group

Days after his unflattering opinion of the Chinese authorities, Alibaba founder Jack Ma went mysteriously missing

Chinese Billionaire Jack Ma disappears from public after criticising the government and President Xi Jinping

China billionaire Jack Ma disappeared from the African talent show that he created, signalling souring relationship with China

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