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‘Does I.N.D.I. Alliance have police?’ wonders Yogendra Yadav, here are 10 incidents of police action against journalists by Yadav’s allies

Yogendra Yadav, a close aide of Sonia Gandhi and a professional disruptor, has probably taken offence at journalists expressing their displeasure at the decision of the Indian National Developmental Inclusive Alliance to boycott 14 news anchors

As ‘liberals’ cling on to dissent by Justice BV Nagarathna, here is how she praised the Demonetisation move

Liberals went into raptures about justice BV Navarathna for dissenting on the Demonetisation verdict by SC.

West Bengal: Police unleashes brutality against protesters demanding appointment letters despite clearing TET exam in 2014

Miffed by the apathy of the West Bengal government, the TET candidates launched protests demanding immediate recruitment.

After opening illegal police stations, China using consulates and courts in other countries to suppress dissent against CCP: Claims report

According to a report, China is using consulates and courts in foreign nations to influence overseas Chinese, crush dissent against CCP

How the unwarranted hounding of Nupur Sharma would shrink the space for dissent in India 

Islamists are hounding and threatening Nupur Sharma for quoting Islamic Hadiths on Prophet Muhammad.

Maharashtra: Bail denied to actress Ketaki Chitale, judicial custody extended to 14 more days for social media post against Sharad Pawar

Maharashtra Housing Development Minister Jitendra Awhad had threatened that NCP workers and cadres will register cases in “at least 100-200” police stations across Maharashtra in connection with the said Facebook post.

What is Operation Fox Hunt and why are experts concerned about China’s nominee winning Interpol seat

These legislators had also batted against Hu Binchen’s appointment to the Interpol due to allegations that he is directly involved in China's Operation Fox Hunt

Congress’ dissenting leaders to meet again, Kapil Sibal to host the G-23 at his residence for dinner

The senior Congress leader, Kapil Sibal, will be hosting the 'G23 group of dissenters' a day after he turned 73.

British Security agencies warn dissident Pakistani exiles living in Europe as Pakistan prepares a ‘Hit List’

Pakistan has prepared a ‘Hit List’ of exiled Pakistani activists and journalists living in Europe, UK and thee are facing life threats

Amarinder Singh refuses to meet Navjot Singh Sidhu until Sidhu apologises to him, will accept party decision on state Congress chief

Captain Amarinder Singh has demanded a public apology from Navjot Singh Sidhu for his offensive comments and Tweets

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