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There have been rumours and speculations floating around that Divya may be on her way out as the Congress IT cell head
That the meme, which was quite obviously in bad taste, was shared by a close aide of Rahul Gandhi reflects extremely poorly on the Congress party. However, it has increasingly become the norm.
Divya Spandana, Social Media head of the Congress party, recently shared a video on Twitter where she claimed that Prime Minister Modi has 'ruined' the country in 5 years. The 2-minute video is a compilation of images and texts run through the screen at a rapid pace.
When Divya Spandana, who is a representative of the Congress party says that all Modi voters are "stupid", one must ask her if she is calling 38.5% of India's population stupid
Twitter users were amused that IT cell head of Congress forwarded YouTube link of a 'comedian' along with other campaign-related material
The Official Twitter account of the All India Mahila Congress tweeted an image taking a dig at the Vande Bharat Express which can only be construed as a deplorable politicization of the heinous Pulwama Terrorist Attack
In a rush to discredit the success of India's fastest train 'Vande Bharat Express', Congress' Divya Spandana not only resorted to propagating fake news but also went on to pass some insensitive statements regarding the recent Pulwama terror attack
While Rahul Gandhi postures with a 'mature' line post the Pulwama attack, Congress functionaries have been given a free hand to pander to the "secular" and leftist elements
Rahul Gandhi is not the first Congress leader to personally attack Modi and his ministers
The Women Reservations Bill only serves the Left's lust for power and is merely another ploy in the hands of opportunists like Rahul Gandhi to play politics over.
Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has earlier admitted the left-leaning bias of his employees, and has today, met Rahul Gandhi
The Congress President should honestly contemplate, does he really want to practice the kind of politics that Mevani does?
With the 2019 general elections drawing closer, the political mudslinging seems to have just started. 
Representatives of social media giants have ensured they are taking necessary steps to curb the spread of rumours through their platforms.
This is not the first that time that Congress or its functionaries have brazened out their embarrassing posts after silently deleting them
This is not the first time that Congress has indulged in undermining Indian elected Prime Minister in Pakistan
The party had to move Rahul Gandhi's meet with HAL employees outside the organisation
The Congress party's record in ensuring safety of women in the workplace has been dubious at best.
The charge sheet describes how Divya failed to act on the complainant's allegations against Patnaik
Reports are that most of her responsibility is now handed over to Nikhil Alva
Unless he stops with the theatrics, it is hard to take him seriously
The page regularly shared nude and semi-nude images of women as 'leaked' images
Earlier, too, the page had shared unverifiable information which was widely shared by Congress and AAP leaders
The youth congress president attempted suicide when he was taken to a hospital for a procedural examination.
While Congress continued displaying shallowness by castigating the RSS and comparing it to the Muslim Brotherhood
A bit rich coming from the party which hobnobbed with radical outfits like PFI for power

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