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The awkward silence of Rahul Gandhi at Cambridge University and the uncomfortable truth it tells us about the Congress Prince

The video pertains to Rahul Gandhi's recent discussion at an event titled 'India at 75' at Corpus Christi College at the Cambridge University hosted by a Congress party sympathiser Shruti Kapila.

Rahul Gandhi makes another pitch for foreign intervention in India, rants against his own country just because he is not the one ruling it

As there are no takers for the Gandhis, and electoral success remains elusive for them, Rahul Gandhi perhaps wants the Western powers to intervene and overthrow the current government, so his party can rule.

Journalists, Hindu and Muslims, mock Hindus after Shivling is found at Gyanvapi: It is more than Hinduphobia that drives their disdain

The rot within the Hindu society itself needs to be addressed and understood if we need to successfully reclaim the Bharata that once was.

Could the survey at the Gyanvapi compound lead to its exemption from the Places of Worship Act? Read what the law says

The Places of Worship Act, 1991, exempts any ancient monument or site covered by the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act, 1958.

Media spreads canards as India bans wheat exports: Here are the reasons and how China hoards wheat to manipulate global prices

One of the reasons of banning wheat export is to prevent China from buying and hoarding Indian wheat to manipulate the price

Elon Musk wants Twitter to be transparent, free speech for all, but the Leftist ‘woke’ are worried: Details

The western press has vehemently opposed the idea of Elon Musk owning Twitter and is coming up with new conspiracy theories to suggest that Musk will only hamper the idea of free speech by centralising Twitter's content moderation.

Rahul Gandhi again avoids putting up image of gods for wishing on Hindu festivals, Kejriwal puts his own picture on Ram Navmi

It is pertinent to note that Abrahamic beliefs such as Islam and Christianity do not endorse multiple gods and their depiction. In Islam, the depiction of idols and human forms of God are considered 'haram'. Idolatry is one of the biggest sins in Islam.

Meet Asiya Andrabi – a Pakistani agent who sought to free Kashmir from Hindus

From slaughtering cow at Lal Chowk to raising Pakistani slogans in the valley, meet Asiya Andrabi, the women jihadi leader in the valley

Yasin Malik: How the man who terrorised Kashmiri Hindus was given platform by India Today, Ravish Kumar and patronised by Congress, Abdullahs

Yasin Malik is also accused of the murder of four Air Force officers in January 1990. Sqn Ldr Ravi Khanna was one of the four Indian Air Force personnel was killed by Yasin Mallik and other JKLF terrorists, who were waiting at Sant Nagar Crossing to board their buses.

NDTV anchor tries to persuade the USA to be ‘disappointed’ with India, gets snubbed: How India’s stand in the Russia-Ukraine conflict is nuanced

These vested interests are now making all efforts to persuade the United States, another strategic ally of India, to act against the Indian government for its alleged support to Russia.

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