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Dog meat

No more dog meat in South Korea: Historic decision to end consumption of dogs in the country

The bill outlaws the raising, butchering, distributing, and selling of dog meat in South Korea.

Some are mistaking us for relatives of Bear Grylls: BJP Minister Temjen Imna Along calls out racial discrimination against Naga community

We are not relatives of Bear Grylls, Nagaland minister Temjen Imna Along to people who ask whether Nagas eat dogs and snakes

Dog Meat Ban in Nagaland incites accusation of ‘cultural imperialism’, ‘food fascism’, shows how liberal imperialism can deepen fault-lines in the country

The ban on dog meat in Nagaland has sparked cultural anxieties in the north eastern state, which may fuel existing separatist feelings

Beef ban Haram, Dog Meat ban Halal: Hypocrisy of welcoming ban on dog meat in Nagaland after claiming people have the right to eat...

The Nagaland Cabinet has banned the sale of dog meat in the state following protests by animal rights activists.

Suspected dog meat dispatched from Rajasthan seized at Chennai’s Egmore railway station

The Food Safety wing has asked the railways to provide the details of the consigners

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