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drone strike

Syria: Islamic State terrorist Osama al-Mujaher killed in a drone strike, says US

US Central Command (CENTCOM) chief Michael Kurilla said, "We have made it clear that we remained committed to the defeat of ISIS through the region."

Drones drop bombs at a defence factory in Iran, govt calls the attack unsuccessful, claims drones eliminated by air defence

Drones carrying bombs targeted a defence factory in the central city of Isfahan in Iran on Saturday night

NSG deployed at Indian Air Force Bases in Srinagar and Jammu to provide protection against drone attacks

NSG deployed at Indian Air Force Bases in Srinagar and Jammu after drone attack on Jammu Air Base in June this year

Watch: US military expresses ‘regret’ after killing Afghan aid worker and 7 children instead of ISIS-K terrorists

Head of the US Central Command admitted that the drone strike to avenge the killing of 13 US soldiers by ISIS-K resulted in the death of civilians

US killed aid worker working for US in drone strike, claimed that he was an ISKP terrorist: Here is what we know so far

NYT reported that the US drone strike not only killed 43-year-old Zemari Ahmadi but also his 3 children, namely, Farzad (10), Faisal (16) and Zamir (20).

Is BBC responsible for the death of Afghan Resistance leader Fahim Dashty? Here is what we know

Netizens have alleged that BBC Persia, while playing a conversation with Fahim Dashty flashed a number on the screen briefly, which they believe was his satellite phone number which Taliban used to trace his location for attack.

Pakistan and Taliban attack Panjshir valley, the last Afghan stronghold, Amrullah Saleh’s house bombed

Meanwhile, at least a thousand including dozens of Americans and Afghans holding a visa for the USA or other countries await Taliban clearance for flights out of the country.

Drone attack at Jammu airbase: Agencies suspect LeT link, say Pakistan might have used drones it brought from China for pizza delivery

Agencies believe the drone used by terrorists on May 27 had taken off from close proximity of the IAF airbase in Jammu

Former CIA Director, who supported torture and lied about civilian deaths in drone strikes, says he is embarrassed to be a ‘white male’

John Brennan appeared on MSNBC on Monday where he proudly declared that he was embarrassed to be a White Male.

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