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‘Ram Temple construction on his birthplace marks the victory of our patience’: PM Modi on Vijayadashmi

PM Modi took a dig at opposition, saying that Dussehra marks the burning of those forces that tried to divide India in the name of casteism and regionalism.

‘Next Ram Navami will be in the new Bhavya Ram Mandir in Ayodhya’: What PM Modi said in his Dussehra speech

PM Modi said the next Ram Navami will be celebrated at the new Bhavya Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

‘Did you remove diya because it was non-Islamic’: Arfa Khanum Sherwani gets slammed for tweet on Dusshera, others wonder if tweet was ‘Danish Kaneria...

Arfa initially tweeted wishing people 'Happy Dussehra' and added an emoji of a lamp (diya) which symbolizes the triumph of light over dark and good over evil. However, she later edited the post and removed the emoji of the lamp.

Effigies of Sanatana Dharma detractors along with Ravan, Meghanad, and Kumbhakaran installed at Delhi’s Red Fort ground for Dussehra

Recently, Udhayanidhi Stalin, A Raja, and Priyank Kharge had attacked Sanatana Dharma, comparing it with diseases like dengue, malaria, and HIV.

‘We will file FIR against those burning effigy of Raavan’, says Noida politician Shrikant Tyagi, who was earlier arrested for assaulting a women. Watch

Shrikant Tyagi, who made headlines after slapping a woman in Noida last year, is once again in the news for his recent video.

Bidar, Karnataka: Syncretic culture not appreciated? 9 Hindus booked merely for offering puja in Mosque, practice done every year. Read details

In the Bidar district of Karnataka, 9 Hindus were booked by the police for merely entering a Mosque and offering prayers.

Delhi: 17-year-old Shivam stabbed to death while returning from Vijaya Dashami procession in Jahangirpuri

17-year-old Shivam was a resident of Mukundpur and he had killed while returning from Vijaya Dashami procession in Jahangirpuri

Why is Shastra Puja performed on Vijayadashmi, and the significance it holds for PM Modi

Shastra Puja involves worshipping Goddess Lakshmi, Parvati, and Saraswati to seek their blessings for strength and power.

Radical Muslims target Indian Cricketer Mohammed Shami for posting Dussehra greetings, school him on Islam and demand fatwa

Islamists attack cricketer Mohammed Shami after he posted greeings for Dussehra on Twitter

Vijayadashami 2022: RSS Chief Mohan Bhagwat asks Swayamsevaks to stay firm on Sanatan Dharma, empower women and society

RSS Chief said that people who are against Bharat’s unity and progress are creating huge obstacles to hinder the Sanatan Dharma. "They spread Fake Narratives, encourage anarchy, engage in criminal acts, and foment terror, conflict and social unrest", he said.

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