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Western and Eastern Ghats may face a similar catastrophe as Joshimath: Report

IISER Professor Soumitro Banerjee emphasised the need for detailed scientific assessments of the Western and Eastern Ghats.

London: Extinction Rebellion activists enter Parliament, superglue themselves to the speaker’s chair and chain themselves to gates by necks

Extinction Rebellion activists entered Parliament building legally as tourists, and then started protests on climate crisis

Climate activist Greta Thunberg has zeroed in on a new enemy now: Physics

The teen climate activist Greta Thunberg said that not political opponents but physics is their collective enemy

Eco-crazy? Environ-mental activists bring fire engine to spray British finance ministry with 1800 litres of fake blood

'Extinction Rebellion' activists were perhaps unprepared for the challenges a giant hose would possess for untrained hands.

Pakistan to lodge complaint against India at UN for ‘serious environmental damage’ by airstrikes, dubs it ‘Eco-terrorism’

After threatening India with nuclear weapons for years, approaching the U.N. over 'ecoterrorism' appears to be another instance where the Pakistanis have failed greatly to live up to their incredible boasts.

‘Casual handling of people’s lives’ and poor dam management by state government led to Kerala Floods, reveals research study

The study has blamed the communist Kerala government's inaction and mismanagement for the devastation caused by the floods.

The dangers of letting illegal slaughterhouses operate

Illegal slaughterhouses are not just about not having a few government documents.

Hatred for Sri Sri grows. Political parties and journalists are editing videos to spread rumors

Haters of Sri Sri are spreading rumors by editing videos and photos of the World Cultural Festival event

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