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Outcomes of 12th WTO Ministerial Conference favourable to India: Commerce and Industry Minister Piyush Goyal

Sources indicate that India made a significant influence at the 12th ministerial conference of WTO.

Current inflation caused by global events over which Indian govt have no control: OpIndia talks to a chartered accountant, Sumeet Mehta, over inflation

CA Sumeet Mehta said that India is facing 'imported inflation', which is inflation caused by the Russia-Ukraine war

What Rahul Gandhi said about Industry, Industrialists and business in London, and how he regurgitated PM Modi’s ideas that he insults and mocks in...

Rahul Gandhi shared his ideas on the economic front, ended up reiterating the same policies and ideas of the Modi government.

Rahul Gandhi targets Modi govt over inflation: Here is how, in his inimitable style, he scored a self-goal

Rahul Gandhi targeted Modi govt over 6.95% inflation rate, which had reached 12% during the UPA government

Indian liberals rush to save their favoured elites and GHQ as poor Sri Lankans suffer: Will they now blame Brahminical patriarchy? RSS? Modi?

As Sri Lanka suffers its worst economic nightmare in memory, some analysts even calling it “burning”, the rush to save favourites is obvious.

Freebies may lead to financial crisis like in Sri Lanka and Greece, top officers flag concerns with Prime Minister Modi

Senior officials expressed alarm over populist initiatives and freebies promised by political parties during elections.

From Textiles and Pharmaceuticals to Healthcare and Education: Here is how the India-Australia trade agreement benefit India

The India Australia Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement will benefit several sectors in India and will create employments

Research paper by leading journalism institute shows how Western media uses half-truths and racist colonial biases against India

The western media is laying bricks to manufacture negativity and hatred in India and then leverage that for their own benefit.

Greta Thunberg’s ‘Fridays For Future’ attacks Pune’s ambitious Mula-Mutha Riverfront Project: Here is all you need to know

Fridays For Future Pune has raised allegations against the riverfront project in Pune, calling to rollback the ambitious urban development initiative.

Economic Survey 2022: Stellar growth of 9.2% recorded in the current financial year, GDP 1.3% above pre-pandemic levels

Economic Survey 2022 forecasts Indian GDP to grow by 8.0-8.5% in 2022-23, the fastest in the world.

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