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Wall Street Journal suggests Americans to skip breakfast to save money, gets mocked

In a recent piece, the Wall Street Journal advised Americans to forgo breakfast to save money. The WSJ suggestion was not well received by American netizens, who slammed the media outlet for presenting such a ridiculous idea. Additionally, they blamed the Biden administration for failing to rein in the country's spiralling inflation.

Pakistan is South Asia’s weakest economy, huge task to pull it out of poverty, report says

Imagine the country with one of the world's most irrigated fertile wheat-growing land has a shortage of flour and no money to import it.

Pakistan man pushes another into open sewage during flour distribution, fight over a sack of wheat: Watch

Pakistan is facing its worst-ever flour crisis with the price of the staple skyrocketing to 140 per kilogram to Rs 160 per kilogram

Pakistan’s economy being kept afloat by financial aid from international organisations: Report

Pakistan is teetering on the edge or am imminent financial collapse, with its economy kept afloat by assistance from international organisation

Pakistan: Food supply at risk as banks reluctant to open letters of credit for importing necessities

Pakistan is in the midst of worst ever flour crisis, with parts of country reporting shortages and stampedes over food procurement.

China faces a massive financial crisis as thousands of apartment projects remain incomplete and homebuyers refuse to repay mortgages

Chinese govt faces crisis involving thousands of unfinished apartments amid rising bad debts

Bank gross NPA at 7-year low at 5%, net NPA at 10 year low: What the RBI Financial Stability Report says

In the 26th issue of FSR, RBI noted that the global economy is confronted with formidable headwinds with recessionary risks looming large.

Andy Mukherjee’s year-end gift: The prophet of disaster yet again predicts doom for the Indian economy as China relaxes COVID restrictions

As the year draws to an end, Andy Mukherjee has come up with what he does best: predict impending failure of Indian economy.

China’s projects threat to environment, economy, says report

The BRI projects have sparked protests and are strongly opposed by conservationists as many developments specifically on indigenous and local communities throughout Asia, Africa and Latin America have deep impacts on forests and other ecosystems.

Amid a severe economic crisis in Pakistan, thousands left jobless as cross-border trade with Iran shuts down, forex reserve at a critical low

Earlier in October, the Iranian authorities closed the border with Pakistan at Taftan after clashes between the protesters and security forces in Zahedan, the capital city of Sistan-Balochistan, reported Dawn.

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