Topic: Education policy

The AAP government has exploited the vulnerability of the poor students of Delhi just as Mr Kejriwal exploited the vulnerable people of Delhi and their anti-corruption sentiment to storm into power.
Union HRD Minister Prakash Javadekar rubbished the report, calling it misleading.
The critical role of education not only makes it desirable for education to be affordable, especially in India, but also requires a decent quality of the education being provided to students.
Congress' duplicity on various factors ranging from women empowerment to farm loan waivers has invariably reeked of their hypocrisy.
PM Modi was largely elected on the plank of development and his record speaks for itself.
Uttar Pradesh government has already taken steps to mainstream the madarsas
BJP led Uttar Pradesh government has already taken few steps in modernising madarsas.
She has been sent out to fight every losing battle by Narendra Modi and she came out as a winner in each one of them

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