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In the Congress manifesto, in a very subtle manner, the party has made it clear that it tends to enforce a crackdown on media should it win the elections this year.
India has seen that whenever dynastic politics has been powerful, institutions have taken a severe beating.
Recently, a bunch of young techies were arrested in Bengaluru for raising slogans in support of Narendra Modi during a Rahul Gandhi meet.
Rahul Gandhi, just like his grandmother Indira Gandhi is still selling the idea of 'Garibi Hatao', which intends to end poverty in the country if Congress comes to power. In 1971, the then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi had used the ‘Garibi Hatao’ theme in the election campaign. 
As tributes flow in, Congress seems to have forgotten how they treated George Fernandes during the Emergency, when he was alive
I am no socialist, but yes I am capable of looking beyond that to appreciate a man with sincerely held beliefs. And a working moral compass.
Today morning, George Fernandes breathed his last following a prolonged illness.
Many believe that Rajiv Gandhi helped Warren Anderson escape after the Bhopal Gas Tragedy in a quid pro quo deal for the release of his convicted childhood friend, Adil Shahryar
Shivraj Singh Chauhan during his tenure as the Chief Minister in 2008 had introduced the scheme and had equated the detainees under MISA and DIR with freedom fighters.
The Shah Commission observed that Tuli's decision was influenced by connections of then Prime Minister Indira Gandhi to Associate Journals Limited (AJL)
Indira Gandhi legacy includes the crony capitalism during her regime
Congress leaders have often indulged in name-calling and making derogatory remarks for PM Modi
There were others who criticised Arnab's appointment, though none of them matched Sanjay Jha in terms of Bollywood dialogue content.
Babul Supriyo said that several TMC leaders including Asansol Mayor were allowed to enter the event
The victories of Vajpayee, the politician are nothing but the manifestations of Vajpayee, the poet
A people’s leader, an impeccable orator and a poet, Vajpayee wore a lot of hats and unlike many they did not burden his head.
Brand ambassador of dynasty politics accuses others of the same.
The Congress party may not find it as funny as the rest of us.
He said he has evidence that shows the 'Award wapsi' campaign was orchestrated and managed by a few with political agenda
The Congress seems to have forgotten how it treated him during emergency
Madhur here recollects the harrowing experience he had when he was hounded by the Congress workers
Mansingh talks about how Congress and Communist leaders came together to bring her down.
Congress has followed the tenets of Pakistan's idea of running a nation and people, its actions and tendencies are testimony to that
They are dreaming of unleashing real emergency if they come back to power in 2019.
The clowns who talk about 'undeclared Emergency' do not live under an Emergency. If they did, they would be in jail.
Gandhi family loyalists have strived hard to play down the nature of emergency regime
The next time Rahul Gandhi comes talking about Freedom of speech, do try to educate him about his history because media won't
Union Minister Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi, too, asked for inclusion of chapter on Emergency

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