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Israel recalls its diplomats from Turkey after Erdogan declares Israel a war criminal, to reassess its relationship with Turkey

Israeli Foreign Minister Eli Cohen announced that he has recalled Israeli envoys from Turkey in the wake of Turkish President Erdogan’s remarks

Twitter down in Turkey amidst criticism of the earthquake response

Turkey's residents were unable to access Twitter on Wednesday. The country has a history of limiting citizens' access to social media.

“Your security is equivalent to ours”: Turkey pledges support to strengthen Pakistan’s military infrastructure

Turkey president said that he considers Pakistan's security, stability, and prosperity equal to that of Turkey.

‘It is our duty to cut those tongues who defame Adam and Eve’: Turkish President Erdogan threatens singer Sezen Aksu

Turkish singer Sezen Aksu, in one of her songs, had referred to Adam and Eve as ignorants, drawing the ire of Recep Erdogan.

Turkey descends into chaos: Protests, 20% inflation, and a plea to ‘eat less meat’ to tackle soaring prices

Turkey has descended into chaos with soaring prices, 20% inflation and protests against the flailing economy.

Pakistan’s special friend Turkey takes offence at ‘special treatment’ for India at COP26: Here’s what happened

President of Turkey Erdogan was not happy with the 'special treatment' that was awarded to India at the COP26 in Glasgow.

Turkey President Erdogan seeks Christian support for sanctions against Israel, calls Pope Francis

President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan has spoken with Pope Francis over the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Turkey Pres Erdogan fans conflict, dials up Muslim leaders to take strong stance against Israel

Recep Tayyip Erdogan invokes the 'ummah', calls upon Muslim leaders to take stand against Israel

Pakistan endangers lives of asylum seekers linked with anti-Erdogan movement, hands over their names to Turkey: Report

The report by Nordic Monitor says that the UNHCR staff at Islamabad have disregarded UN rules by giving the details of Turkish asylum seekers to Pakistani authorities.

Turkish Intelligence agency and Pakistan’s ISI creates anti-India propaganda team by hiring Pakistani and Kashmiri journalists through TRT World

Turkish state-owned media houses such as TRT World and Anadolu Agency have hired a large number of Pakistani and Indian Kashmiri journalists

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