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Inside Ericsson’s bribery and corruption network in war-torn Iraq, which includes its deals with ISIS terrorists: A comprehensive explainer

A storm has rocked the fate of Swedish Telecom giant Ericsson after an investigation revealed its deals with the terrorist group ISIS when it had gained control of Iraq in 2014.

Reliance Telecom-Ericsson case: Anil Ambani defended by Congress leader Kapil Sibal in Supreme Court

Kapil Sibal defends Anil Ambani in court, in Rcomm-Ericsson case.

SC grants clearance for RCom’s spectrum sale to Jio, Rcom to furnish Rs 1400 crore corporate guarantee

Once the corporate guarantee is furnished by RCom, the government is bound to give its NOC for the spectrum sale within a week

SC orders Anil Ambani’s Reliance communication, represented by Kapil Sibal, to pay Ericsson’s dues by 15th Dec

The case was heard on 23rd October and a revised due date was set to clear dues

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