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Denmark: Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen assaulted in Copenhagen, one man arrested

Mette Frederiksen, 46, became prime minister of Denmark in 2019 after taking over as leader of the centre-left Social Democrats four years earlier becoming the youngest PM in Danish history.

European Union refuses to lift ban from Pakistani air carriers, including Pakistan International Airlines

The European Union (EU) has upheld its decision to maintain the ban on Pakistani air carriers, including Pakistan International Airlines (PIA).

EU announces 2.26 crore aid to Christian organisation in the name of Manipur disaster relief, state government says ‘No, we don’t need your money’

The Manipur government pointed out that neither any NGO nor civil society group has been asked to provide aid in the state and the state govt is overseeing all relief and aid efforts.

CBI signs Working Arrangement with Europol to enhance cooperation between the two agencies in combating crime

The Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) on Thursday signed a Working Arrangement with Europol, the law enforcement authority of the European Union countries

Russia Ukraine conflict: CNN claims India is hurting US by helping Putin get richer. Here’s how it is wrong & sinister for so many...

While India's purchase of crude oil comes is far from hurting any economy and instead has stabilised the global economy in a volatile geopolitical environment, the United State's historical funding to Pakistan has come at a huge cost to India, its neighbourhood and human rights at large.

‘Ursula, we are here’: Farmer protestors blockade EU headquarters in Brussels, demand change in harsh climate regulations, taxation policies

As per the latest reports, the protesting farmers have started burning tires, and setting fire to the barricades erected outside the EU parliament where a summit of EU leaders is underway. They are throwing eggs at security personnel and raising slogans.

EU, Austria, and Germany suspend all aid promised to Palestine in the wake of Hamas terror attacks

Following the suit of Austria and Germany, the European Union (EU) also joined them in supporting stopping aid to Palestine after Hamas terror attacks.

Meta may allow ad-free subscriptions to Facebook and Instagram in Europe

Meta is reportedly planning to launch paid versions of Facebook and Instagram for its users residing in the European Union.

$250 million to Ukraine since 2014, support for Balkans, fear-mongering about Trump’s return as US president: Alexander Soros to continue to influence politics in...

"News reports that the Open Society Foundations and Soros are “leaving Europe” are misleading. We are not leaving," Alexander Soros said.

More than 60 African migrants feared dead in the Atlantic Ocean while trying to reach Europe

63 people are feared dead after a boat carrying migrants was found off Cape Verde in West Africa.

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