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As the West lectures and threatens India about Russian fossil fuel imports, data shows EU and USA remain largest buyers: Here is all you...

The independent research organisation has found that LNG and gas purchases (through pipelines) to the European Union also increased by 20% and 10% respectively.

Russian energy giant Gazprom halts supplies to Bulgaria and Poland, reports say EU trying to increase gas purchase in Roubles to help them

Russian media has reported that the European Union would be temporarily increasing its gas purchases from Russia through countries which are ready to do their payments in Russian Roubles to compensate for the demand of Poland and Bulgaria.

Chairman of EU Parliament’s trade panel Bernd Lange says Free Trade Agreement between India and EU can be signed before 2014 elections

After FTA with Australia, similar agreement between India and European Union may be concluded by 2024, says EU official

‘EU laws over national laws’: European Union hits Poland and Hungary with sanctions while they deal with over 1.5 million Ukrainian refugees

European Union has decided to impose economic sanctions on its two member states, Poland and Hungary, even as the two countries deal with influx of over 1.5 Million Ukrainian refugees.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy’s requests for ‘immediate membership’ of the European Union stands rejected: Details

In a major setback to the aim of Ukraine to join the European Union, the 27-member EU has rejected the country's President's request for quick membership. This follows after the president formally requested that Ukraine join the EU by signing a membership application on Monday.

Why the West is pretending to need India for the war in Ukraine

Why is the West so desperate to have us on their side? Here is one possibility. They are not seeking our help. They are just trying to demonize us.

EU leaders accuse US President Joe Biden of being disloyal to transatlantic alliance

The EU Commission President criticised Joe Biden for keeping the European allies in dark about the new alliance with Australia.

German Ambassador to China dies within two weeks of joining office in Beijing

Jan Hecker had arrived in China on 1st August to take charge of office. He had joined office on 24th August.

EU undermines democracy as it threatens Hungary for banning promotion of homosexuality, sex reassignment among children

The European Union has threatened Hungary with consequences for passing a law that bans promotion of homosexuality among children.

8 European nations accept Covishield in their Green Pass after India’s warning to quarantine their citizens. Details

The EU Digital covid certificate or "Green Pass" will exempt those who are fully vaccinated with a vaccine approved by the EU from mandatory quarantine. The EU "Green Pass" is expected to come into effect from July 1.

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