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Faiz Ahmad Faiz

As Javed Akhtar attends Faiz Festival in Lahore to honour Faiz Ahmed Faiz, read about his anti-Hindu poem which talked about the destruction of...

Celebrated Pakistani writer, late Faiz Ahmed Faiz wrote the anti-Hindu poem 'Hum Dekhenge,' which was performed during anti-CAA demonstrations around the nation.

Javed Akhtar is in Lahore for Faiz Festival, Indians ask him to stay in Pakistan, but Pakistanis too don’t want him

Javed Akhtar took part in the Mushaira and launched his new book at the event in Lahore, Pakistan.

IIT Kanpur student who had chanted controversial poem ‘Bas Naam Rahega Allah Ka’ during anti-CAA protests expresses remorse for ‘hurting sentiments’

The 3rd year IIT Kanpur student had recited controversial anti-Hindu poem Hum Dekhenge by Faiz Ahmed Faiz which calls to "destroy all idols"

Shekhar Gupta forced to apologize after The Print slandered a social worker as someone who ‘condemns Dalit upliftment’

The Print falsely accused a man they had profiled as someone who 'condemns Dalit upliftment'

Faiz Ahmed Faiz – the poet, the poem, and the new battle

The issue is not whether Faiz or his poetry is anti-Hindu, the issue is that there are new voices that are speaking up and unsettling a narrative that ruled for decades, if not centuries.

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