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The problems for the farmers in Congress-ruled Madhya Pradesh only seems to be on the rise
The local farmer union has claimed that many farmers are distressed in the state as their loans do not meet the terms and conditions set by the Congress government to obtain a waiver.
Congress' farm loan waiver promise seems to have fallen flat
In actual implementation of farm loan waiver by Congress governments, there are too many conditions, and many farmers are excluded
This is the second case of farmer suicide in Madhya Pradesh despite Congress government's 'loan waiver schemes'.
The Karnataka government had recently admitted that their 44,000 crores farm loan waiver has helped only 800 farmers so far.
Congress had announced a similar farmer loan waiver in 2008 which led it to a victory in the 2009 elections
While it is not clear why Reuters did such reporting, people were speculating this could be a fake news spread by the Congress-friendly media on behest of Congress to pressurise Modi government.
If in spite of loan waivers by three big states, the farmers under Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana drop by mere 84 lakh out of whopping 5.72 crores, isn’t it an indicator that the scheme is still alive and kicking?

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