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‘Fascism, dictatorship, Banana Republic’: Leftists suffer a meltdown after Delhi LG grants prosecution sanction against Arundhati Roy

Meena Kandasamy lamented that the hopes of the left-liberal and Islamist ecosystem that a reduced majority will ‘tame’ the “fascist beast” were “naive” and wrong.

Rahul Gandhi, whose Italian maternal grandfather fought for the fascists, claims that India has become fascist under PM Modi

Rahul Gandhi labelling PM Modi as a fascist is rather ironic considering that his Italian maternal grandfather was a proud fascist himself

For the Left, RSS is ‘fascist’ but here are 21 incidents when they were murdered and bombed by Communists and Islamists, but never retaliated

Let us see just some of the cases of killings and attacks on Hindu activists and RSS workers, for which never was any retaliation.

How the ‘opposition’ has extraordinary powers that they use to scuttle voices of dissent as ‘journalists’ rejoice or look the other way

The “Opposition” that the media keeps referring to, actually holds extraordinary power that is often used to scuttle voices of dissent

Sharda University suspends prof Waqas Farooq Kuttay for setting question comparing Hindutva with Nazism and Fascism, issues ‘show cause notice’

Waqas Farooq Kuttay has studied from Jamia Millia Islamia University and had qualified the JRF and NET exams.

‘How dare you?’: HT and Times Now use photos of Muslim women in reports, after NDTV bowed down to Islamist troll

Sharjeel Usmani had issued a not-so-subtle threat against NDTV, following which leftist network bowed down to his demands.

Islamofascists inch towards total narrative control as they get NDTV to delete a harmless image showing a Muslim man getting tested for COVID

Islamists on Saturday bullied NDTV into deleting a tweet which had representational image of a Muslim man getting tested for coronavirus. For a community...

How to lose a friend to ‘wokeism’ in 5 ways

With misinformation and propaganda available on fingertips, almost everyone of us has had that one 'woke' friend who blocked us everywhere for 'being a Bhakt and fascism enabler'.

Kerala professor compares Modi with Hitler and right-wing with Nazi Germany in lecture to students, spews venom on Hindus and ‘Hindu parties’

Kerala professor Gilbert Sebastian give hateful lessons against RSS & PM Modi, compares rise of right wing with Mussolini & Hitler

Kerala: Airport employee dismissed from job for criticising CM Pinarayi Vijayan. Read details

Ramesh had hailed the Supreme Court's recent decision over the Padmanabhaswamy Temple and had criticised the state government led by Vijayan.

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