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This is not the first time Arvind Kejriwal has hurt the religious sentiments of people
That terms like 'Brahminical Patriarchy' are mainstream in the academia does not mean that it's not evil. It only reveals that a deep rot has set in.
When countered by questions asking her to substantiate her claims, Shehla responded with rhetorics
The clowns who talk about 'undeclared Emergency' do not live under an Emergency. If they did, they would be in jail.
The next time Rahul Gandhi comes talking about Freedom of speech, do try to educate him about his history because media won't
It's time to adopt the teachings of these Dharmic traditions and stop playing the identity politics
Mussolini gave the Catholic Church a cool 750 million lira in cash and another 1 billion lira in government bonds.
A 'March for Science' is scheduled in India for August 9. It is nothing but an extension of the left wing agenda.
Emergency of 1975 was not a one time mistake. It was was culmination of a long term project by the Congress party.
A leader in Italy had tried somewhat similar strategy that is being adopted by Arvind Kejriwal of late.
Right Wing might not be doing everything 'right'. But there is no way it can go as wrong as the Left Wing.
A response to rabid India and Hindu hater Pankaj Mishra's rant published by NYT
How can you support people like Umar Khalid who have links to Jaish?

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