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‘I will die, but I won’t remove it’: Filmmaker KC Bokadia after Censor Board asks him to remove ‘Jai Shri Ram’ slogan from his...

KC Bokadia has threatened to take the matter to HC if the movie is not allowed to release with the "Jai Shri Ram" slogan.

You will burn in Jahannum: Director of 72 Hoorain gets death threats, his mother receives rape threats, ahead of film’s release

One set of Islamists also used the opportunity to abuse the Hindu Faith of the director, making references to Hinduphobic slurs such as 'cow piss.'

Ahead of film 72 Hoorain’s release, Twitter suspends co-producer Ashoke Pandit’s account after Islamists and Leftists mass report him

Filmmaker Ashoke Pandit's account suspended from Twitter after Team Saath initiated an attack - he is the co producer of 72 Hoorein

95th Academy Awards: Indian documentary film ‘The Elephant Whisperers’ wins the Oscar

'The Elephant Whisperers' narrates the story of two orphan baby elephants that were adopted by an indigenous family from the Mudumalai Tiger Reserve in Tamil Nadu.

As Cirkus hits the screens, an old video of director Rohit Shetty roasting film critic Anupama Chopra goes viral on social media

"This is hypocrisy. You guys look down upon mass-y films" Rohit Shetty had said while roasting Anupama Chopra.

Canada: Filmmaker slams book publisher Penguin for publishing a memoir by her assailant who described the sexual assault as consensual

Zoe Greenberg accused Penguin Random House Canada of publishing a memoir that described her sexual assault as consensual.

‘Screaming Butterflies’, an award-winning film on love jihad by Assamese actor-director Aimee Baruah, to be screened at South Asian Short Film Festival

Aimee Baruah's Screaming Butterflies, which narrates testimonies of 26 victims of love jihad, to be screened at short film festival in Kolkata

Indian High Commission appeals to Canadian authorities to stop screening of Hinduphobic film ‘Kaali’

Showcased as a 'performance documentary', the movie poster instantly drew the ire of the Hindu community for the derogatory representation of the Goddess.

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