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What are donkey flights? An unfulfilled ‘American Dream’ and 2 incidents of deportation of Indians travelling to Jamaica and Nicaragua

Nicaragua President Daniel Ortega facilitates illegal immigration to the US through his country and makes money in the form of landing taxes, visa costs and tourist cards from the travellers.

Operations in two German airports disrupted after climate activists glued themselves to runways, several flights cancelled and diverted

"Last Generation" climate activists glued themselves to runways of Hamburg and Düsseldorf airports in Germany, causing major disruptions

Another mid-air peeing incident: Drunk passenger urinates on co-passenger on a Delhi-bound American Airlines flight

A similar incident happened last month when a passenger was caught allegedly urinating on a US passenger in mid-air on an American Airlines flight from New York to New Delhi.

Top Air India brass aware of urination incident hours after flight, emails reveal

According to e-mails accessed by ANI, the Air India cabin crew supervisor had reportedly sent out emails on November 27 at around 1 pm to the head of the Inflight Service Department (IFSD), base operations in India, Lead HR head of IFSD, and head of the northern region of IFSD and of complaints (customer care), informing them about the incident. 

Another incident of peeing in the sky: Man urinated on female passenger’s blanket during Paris-Delhi Air India flight

Incident of December 6 has come to light in which a "drunk man urinated on blanket of a co-passenger" while the Air India flight was on its way from Paris to the national capital

Pilot and co-pilot fall asleep at 37,000 feet, miss the landing for the flight

After the flight landed at the airport, the aircraft was kept on the ground for two and a half hours as authorities checked the plane.

Afghanistan: Taliban prevent women from boarding flights without male companions

Taliban commanders refused to let dozens of women board flights, unless they were accompanied by a male guardian.

Indian Embassy in Afghanistan issues advisory, asks all Indian citizens to leave soon, media persons, companies warned too

The Indian consulate at Mazar-e-Sharif in Northern Afghanistan had hours ago issued a statement asking all Indian citizens to take the special plane that will leave for Delhi in the evening of August 10.

Delhi-NYC flights charging Rs 7.2 lakhs for an economy ticket? Chidambaram’s misleading claim

“A Delhi-New York economy class, one-way ticket costs 7.2 lakh”, wrote Chidambaram on Twitter.

San Francisco to Bengaluru via North Pole? The route is challenging yet fascinating and economical. Here is how

All you need to know about polar routes and why airlines prefer North Pole route over South Pole route.

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