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Suspicious boat found near Mumbai coast, police launch probe

As per reports, the three men have been working in Kuwait for the past two years. The fishing boat was seen by the Yellow Gate police near the Sassoon dock first.

After Pakistan uses ‘Free Kashmir’ placard to further anti-India agenda, Mumbai woman behind the poster ‘clarifies’

The presence of “Free Kashmir” poster at the protest led many to suspect that it is not merely a students’ protest against the JNU violence, but there were anti-national forces involved.

Sanjay Raut defends ‘free Kashmir’ posters in Mumbai protests, says they did not mean that

Sanjay Raut has stated that he has come to know that the 'free Kashmir' posters did not mean actually 'free Kashmir' and they wanted only freedom from restrictions of internet services, mobile services and other issues.

“Azad Maidan has better toilets”: Watch Mumbai Police evict protestors from Gateway of India and relocate to Azad Maidan

The protestors in Mumbai who were protesting against the violence perpetrated by left-wing goons on JNU campus on Sunday evening were evicted from Gateway of India by Mumbai Police and shifted to Azad Maidan.

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