Sunday, April 21, 2024


Gaurav Bhatia

‘Kharge should expel Rahul Gandhi from Congress’: BJP over ‘Chinese troops beating Indian soldiers in Arunchal Pradesh’ remark

BJP slammed Rahul Gandhi for his disparaging remark against the Indian armed forces in the wake of the Tawang clash.

AltNews cofounder insinuates Gaurav Bhatia is spreading fake news, only confirms the point the BJP Spokesperson was trying to make

Gaurav Bhatia was using the incident in Mumbai from a month as an example to point towards a larger issue.

Uttar Pradesh: Samajwadi party leader detained after being caught on camera assaulting BJP spokesperson

Political leaders who are the so-called representatives of our country have often been seen indulging in such pettiness

PIL filed in SC against contemptuous remarks made by lawyers and politicians on Judiciary

A Supreme Court bench has agreed to hear the PIL next week

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