Monday, March 1, 2021



Palestinian medical personnel to get 5,000 Covid-19 vaccines doses from Israel

Israel to send 5,000 Covid-19 vaccine doses to Palestinian Authority.

Four terrorists of Palestinian Islamic Jihad group blow themselves up accidentally while preparing to bomb Israel

Palestinian terror groups have been attacking Israeli citizens with arson balloons and rockets. In response, Israel has been bombing specific facilities in the Hamas stronghold.

Palestine confirms two positive cases of Coronavirus, both imported from Pakistan

Medical facilities in Gaza are limited. There are only 60 ICU beds for roughly 2 million people.

Indians express solidarity with Israel as over 200 rockets fired into Israel after airstrike killed Islamic Jihad leader

An Israeli airstrike killing Islamic Jihad leader Bahaa Abu el-Atta prompted a series of rocket attacks on Israel by the terrorists based out in Gaza

British medical journal The Lancet publishes anti-India propaganda on Article 370, maintains silence over Islamic terrorism

The Lancet has termed India's administrative decision regarding the governance of a part of Indian territory an attempt to subjugate and alienate the people.

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