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Sunni leader slams pledge, taken during Kerala govt’s ‘gender campaign’, to give equal property rights to women, calls it violation of Muslim rights, Quran

Cleric of Kerala's influential Muslim body 'Samastha' voiced his opinion against a vow which was administered to Kudumbashree volunteers stating that Muslim women shall have equal legal rights to their father's estate

Kerala Muslim body head slams state govt’s ‘gender-neutral’ policy, says it is ‘dangerous’ to allow boys and girls to sit together in classrooms

Kerala Indian Union Muslim League (IUML) general secretary in charge, PMA Salam has claimed that it is dangerous to allow boys and girls to sit together in school classes

Public law school NALSAR in Hyderabad goes ‘woke’ and introduces gender-neutral toilets

It is the first time that a public State University has chosen to mould its policies for the 'gender non-conforming individuals.'

USA: All public schools in Chicago go ‘woke’, gender-neutral toilets made mandatory for students

The new signages indicate the fixtures available inside the restroom and announce that it is open to users of any gender identity and expression.

Girls refuse to use unisex toilet at Scottish schools after boys urinate in sanitary bins, play with tampons: Details

Scottish schoolgirls have refused to use gender-neutral toilets after boys wreak havoc in the toilets, played with tampons.

Child rights body calls new woke guidelines by NCERT ‘conspiracy to traumatise school students’, asks to remove anomalies

NCPCR seeks response from NCERT regarding complaint against teacher training manual on ‘gender sensitization’

ESPN goes woke, to include gender-neutral cricket terms ‘batter’ instead of ‘batsman’ and ‘Player of The Match’

ESPN Cricinfo writer Sreshth Shah has informed that the portal will now replace the term 'Batsman' with 'Batter', and 'Man of the Match' will now be 'Player of The Match'.

US Army may reverse gender neutral physical tests after men and women register divergent results with majority of women failing

The US Army is considering reversing gender neutral physical tests because women are overwhelmingly failing the tests.

British school bans students from wearing shorts, asks boys to wear skirts instead

It's perceived to be part a gender neutral uniform policy to make transgenders feel more at home.

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