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Man claims to solve fertility issues and genetic disorders with artificial womb facility called Ectolife. Here is what we know so far

The concept video claimed that Ectolife will extensively use AI technologies to provide nutrients that are customised to the needs of each child

Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee clears field trials of first genetically modified food crop, indigenously developed GM mustard

Union Environment Ministry's Genetic Engineering Appraisal Committee (GEAC) approves genetically modified mustard

The New Indian Express uses the term ‘racial purity’ to make false claims about research on genetic ancestry, Rahul Gandhi furthers the propaganda

Experts in the field of Genetics and History have heavily criticised the TNIE report as a classic case of deliberate misinformation.

Pakistan faces a high risk of genetic disorders caused by inbreeding due to cousin marriages: Report

Inbreeding due to cousin marriages in Pakistan causing severe genetic disorders among children

Genetic research suggests link between blood type and susceptibility to coronavirus, says ‘O’ group less likely to get infected

Initial findings of 23andMe research suggest blood type O is less likely to get Covid-19 infection. Another study claims that patients with blood type A are more likely to need ventilator support.

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