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Strict lockdowns are back in China after rising Covid Delta variant cases, multiple cities under lockdown. Here is what we know so far

The recent outbreak of Coronavirus cases has been found to be linked to a cluster in Nanjing city in Jiangsu province where more than 360 cases have been reported in the past 2 weeks.

Top Maoist terrorists dying of Covid-19, several leave terror group due to fear of infection

Maoists are dying in the 'Red Corridor', as it is witnessing a drastic surge in the number of Wuhan Coronavirus cases. Others have left.

Pfizer wants waiver of liabilities due to possible adverse effect of its vaccine in India, won’t transfer technology for local production

Pfizer said that are not talking to any Indian company over local manufacturing in India, and they will supply to India from US and Europe

Black fungus scare: Rajasthan govt declares mucormycosis as an epidemic, separate treatment ward set up in Jaipur

The government has set up a separate ward for the treatment of patients with Mucormycosis at the Sawai Main Singh hospital in Jaipur.

How did the left-liberals, Congress and their friendly media media become successful in creating ‘vaccine hesitancy’ in India

The continued effort at creating this 'vaccine hesitancy' is now endangering the lives of countless people, who have fallen prey to their propaganda.

Ex-President of Indian Medical Association Dr KK Aggarwal dies due to Covid-19 complications

Dr. KK Agarwal was undergoing treatment at AIIMS for Covid-related complications and was on a ventilator support.

WHO chief Tedros, accused of covering up epidemic in Ethiopia, wants wealthy nations to halt inoculating the ‘healthy’, donate to poor nations

The WHO chief had come under severe criticism for their conduct since the pandemic broke out in China.

‘No country can manage the astronomical numbers that India has’: Dr Devi Shetty hails govt’s Covid handling

Even if we present this to the US government, there is no way they can manage it … forget any other country. These are astronomical numbers that no country in the world has the infrastructure to manage," said Dr Shetty.

Washington Post and DW News resort to vulture journalism, criticised by netizens for ‘promoting’ India’s Covid crisis on Twitter

Social Media users slammed Washington Post and DW for 'selling human tragedy' for cash.

While liberals seek sadist pleasure from India’s tragedy porn, hundreds of bodies of COVID-19 patients remain refrigerated for a year in the US

While liberals enjoy India's plight, USA has still not been able to dispose of the bodies of Covid-19 patients, who died last year.

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