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God, however, was in no mood to correct this delusion that many people, including many in that state, harboured.
J Sai Deepak added that People For Dharma and him would explore all possible legal options in this matter. 
The Charter for Hindu Demands is set to be presented to the Prime Minister
Udit Raj, the BJP MP from Delhi (North-West) had stated that people of Kerala should protest on the streets demanding the wealth from Hindu temples to be donated for flood relief work.
Unless you fix responsibilities, don’t expect different outcomes from the same set of people.
He has in the past stated that Hindu Temples should be free of government control as well.
Because that is what adherents of Dharma would do.
The price of religious freedom is eternal vigilance
He said he will also demand a court-monitored CBI probe into TTD corruption
He also asserted that there should be a CBI enquiry on corruption
Earlier, he was made to retire by the TTD Board after he had made allegations of corruption against the state government and Temple administration.
Maybe not everyone will listen to you, but then we have to try until we find one who will. That is our burden in this cause
Earlier, the TTD administration courted controversy for allegedly appointing a non-Hindu to the Board of Trustees.

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