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Pakistan: School Halloween party raided by police in Karachi, case filed and at least 10 students arrested

At least 10 people were arrested in drunk condition as Karachi Police raided a dance party organised at a school for Halloween

South Korea: Three weeks after tragic stampede that killed 158 people, ‘Itaewon crush’ becomes a macabre school game and TikTok trend

In a disturbing trend, children in South Korea are turning the tragic October 29 stampede in the country's capital of Seoul during the Halloween festival into a game.

South Korea: Over 150 dead in stampede during Halloween in Seoul, viral videos show bystanders providing CPR on roads

The Halloween festival was the first major public gathering in recent months where Covid-19 restrictions were eased by the South Korean government.

Japan: Man dressed as Batmans’ Joker on Halloween stabs people and starts fire inside train in Tokyo

The accused reportedly told authorities that he admired the Batman character Joker. He said wanted to kill people so he could be sentenced to death.

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