Thursday, June 13, 2024


Head priest

PM Modi has always stood proudly with the Tamil culture, Tamil people and Tamil Nadu: Madurai Adheenam head priest

Madurai Adheenam head priest hailed Narendra Modi for inviting Tamil Adheenams for the inauguration of the new Parliament building.

‘Donkeys are more graceful than Sabarimala head priest’, says Kerala CPI-M minister

BJP has come out strongly in support of the Ayappa devotees.

The scandal unfolding in Tirumala Hills has a larger message for all Hindus

The price of religious freedom is eternal vigilance

Subramanian Swamy announces support for head priest of Tirumala Tirupati, to move Supreme Court

He said he will also demand a court-monitored CBI probe into TTD corruption

Full text : Press conference by head priest of Tirumala Tirupati where he alleged massive corruption

He also asserted that there should be a CBI enquiry on corruption

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