Wednesday, April 24, 2024


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Not one input predicted the intensity and ferocity of the Covid-19 second wave, says Science & Technology secretary

DST Secretary Ashutosh Sharma said that election rallies and Kumbh are not the main reasons for the second wave of Covid-19 in India

TMC claims water contamination can cause stomach issues but ‘connecting the deaths to polluted water is wrong’ after 3 die in Mamata’s constituency

About 50 people fell ill, after drinking contaminated water in the Shashi Shekhar Bose road area in Bhowanipore in South Kolkata.

Kerala: Over 80% of junior doctors appointed to COVID-19 duty quit jobs after salary cut by the state government

Nearly 900 juniors doctors appointed to COVID First-Line Treatment Centres in Kerala have quit their jobs due to salary cut

Blood cancer patient woman orders wine during the lockdown, fraudster dupes her of Rs 60,000

The fraudster convinced the woman to share her credit card details and two OTPs in the pretext of delivering wine during lockdown

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