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high speed train

South Korea launches new high-speed train linking Seol with surrounding areas, govt hopes it will help in increasing birthrate

South Korea hopes that the new high speed train service GTX will give people enough time to people to spend time with family and give birth to babies.

First trainset for Delhi – Meerut Regional Rapid Transit System handed over by Alstom from its Gujarat factory

Alstom has been awarded the contract to manufacture trainsets for the Regional Rapid Transit System in NCR

Here is how the Statue of Unity does not compromise other development activities

India can easily do all these things to improve education, infrastructure, healthcare, science & technology and also build the world’s tallest statue.

Here is why India is investing in Bullet Trains

Today, its high-speed trains that move twice as many passengers as its airlines and the demand continues growing.

Tejas Express leaves Goa 3 hours late but reaches Mumbai a minute early

This would go a long way in imbibing punctuality among Indian trains.

India’s first Bullet Train: History, facts and numbers

Bullet Train in India is a win-win situation

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