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Saudi guards killed hundreds of Ethiopian migrants and asylum seekers at Yemen border: Human Rights Watch Report

In the 73-page report titled “They Fired on us like Rain”, HRW has shared graphic testimonies of those who came out of harm's way recount their experience.

China extends DNA sample collection to Tibet under ‘crime detection’ program, had earlier done so for Uyghur Muslims in Xinjiang

DNA was collected from residents in at least 7 villages, 2 townships, 2 towns, 2 counties and 1 prefecture of the Tibetan Autonomous Region, as per a report by Human Rights Watch.

CDPHR releases human rights report of 7 neighbouring countries, raises concern over vanishing population of Hindus

The CDPHR report highlights grave human rights violations against minorities, especially Hindus, in India's 7 neighbouring countries

China tops the list of human rights abusers of 2020 prepared by UN Watch

UN Watch, a UN accredited NGO, has released of top ten human rights abusers of 2020 including countries like China and Russia.

Cow has become cause of terror for some: Abhisar Sharma’s deranged rant on cows is also factually incorrect

Purveyor of fake news, Abhisar Sharma, who likes to identify himself as a 'journalist', through the propaganda website NewsClick's YouTube channel has gone on a deranged rant against cows.

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