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Cow has become cause of terror for some: Abhisar Sharma’s deranged rant on cows is also factually incorrect

Towards the end of his rant, at around 11 minutes, Abhisar Sharma says "At some point, cow has become cause of terror and inconvenience for some and for this only and only state and central governments are responsible."

Purveyor of fake news, Abhisar Sharma, who likes to identify himself as a ‘journalist’, through the propaganda website NewsClick’s YouTube channel has gone on a deranged rant against cows. So much that he even declared that cows have become a cause of ‘terror and fear’ for some.

Sharma started this rant as a response to PM Modi’s speech in Mathura from Wednesday where he expressed anguish at those who think that discussing cows and Hinduism is regressive. PM Modi had said that it is unfortunate for the country that some people get agitated whenever they heard the words ‘Om’ or ‘cow’ and think that we have gone back to the 16th century. Those who have destroyed the country have not left any stone unturned to destroy the country, he added.

To this, Abhisar, in his 12-minute rant, begins with saying that cow worship is equal to patriotism. Snidely, he folds his hands and says how even if people do not love their country, they should at least worship the cows. At around 4 minutes into the video, he tries to point out ‘hypocrisy’ by saying that on one hand, we talk about cow protection and cow worship, on the other hand, India is on the second position in ‘export of beef’. To substantiate his claims, he shared a screenshot of a website ‘beef2live.com’ to show the top five countries which export beef. Except, this screenshot itself showed that the beef which was exported from India was buffalo meat.

Abhisar Sharma showing off how he does not know the difference between cow and buffalo.

Since Abhisar Sharma doesn’t seem to know the difference between the two bovines, here is a quick reckoner.

Left (cow), right (buffalo) (image: YouTube)

Moving on, at around 5:15 minutes into the video, Abhisar says how since 2016, 44 people have been allegedly killed by cow vigilantes.

Abhisar Sharma citing a Human Rights Watch report

Abhisar, while citing the above report, mentions how it was not any Indian organisation which compiled it but US-based Human Rights Watch as if somehow any non-Indian organisation compiling a report becomes more credible. He says that these figures can be corroborated by various government numbers too, but does not divulge further information on these ‘government numbers’.

Now, the above data which was published by Human Rights Watch was based on a faulty data compiled by IndiaSpend’s dubious and incomplete database from factchecker.in. We have earlier reported how IndiaSpend’s fact-checking website, factchecker.in in its cow-related hate crimes database, the very one which was relied upon by HRW was incomplete, flawed and heavily biased. The report had mentioned how 90% of such crimes took place after Modi took office as Prime Minister. However, the database had hardly included any cow-related violence before Modi took office in its database from 2009 to 2018.

The mainstream media has been actively promoting how the ‘cow-related’ violence has increased in India after Modi came to power. Abhishek Banerjee, a columnist with OpIndia, had written about how IndiaSpend (the same people who run the ‘factchecker’) have regularly indulged in peddling this narrative. They had earlier filed a report how 87 people had died in cow-related violence since 2010, of which 97% of the crimes happened after Modi came to power. The above ‘interactive fact-check’ map is an extension of the same report’. As can be seen even then that their ‘research’ was based on ‘Google search’ with particular keywords.

On Wednesday, IndiaSpend’s faulty FactChecker.in finally decided to pull down the ‘Hate Crime Watch’ (HCW) after being exposed several times for Hinduphobia and bias. In a series of tweets, factchecker.in announced that HCW was moving to a ‘new home’.

Abhisar then furthers the lies by saying how cows are one of the primary reasons of mob lynching in India. He mentions that in the name of ‘gau raksha’, minorities and Dalits are terrorised. He goes on to slyly communalise mob-lynching incidents since 2016 by naming the victims so as to identify their religion. The victims’ names he mentions are invariably Muslim.

Sharma very conveniently forgets to add how there has also been a spike in fake hate crimes where people, most of them Muslims, have accused that they were ‘lynched’ and asked to say ‘Jai Shri Ram’ and brutally beaten up when they refused to say so. Further investigation in these cases revealed that these cases were false and the ‘victims’ were lying about the communal angle.

Further, towards the end of his rant, at around 11 minutes, Abhisar Sharma says “At some point, the cow has become a cause of terror and inconvenience for some and for this only and only state and central governments are responsible.”

It is interesting that for the Lutyens cabal, the mere mention of ‘cows’ or ‘Hinduism’ is akin to spreading ‘terrorism’. Their Modiphobia and seamlessly morphed into Hinduphobia to a point where even the deaths of Hindus seem to not move them into realising how their false narrative is ensuring communal strife in the society. They ensure that th truth is never allowed to stand in the way of their propaganda that aims to demonise Hindus simply because Hindus voted for PM Narendra Modi. The faith and beliefs of the majority population has become a mere tool in the hands of the motivated, sold-out media to spread senseless minoritarianism while sentiments like ‘nationalism’ are demonised endlessly with lies and half truths.

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