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‘Religious conversions started with Bollywood’: IAS officer Niyaz Khan says that Muslims should become Gaurakshaks

Niyaz Khan, an IAS officer from Madhya Pradesh cadre claimed that Bollywood is responsible for the religious conversions

The ‘Ruler vs the Ruled’ Culture and Babudom: It is time the Modi govt drained the swamp. Here is why

A babu drained an entire reservoir to find his lost mobile phone. It is time Modi Sarkar drains the swamp known as babudom and IAS. The officer allegedly said the water is “stale and unfit for any use”. Well, you can exactly say that of Indian bureaucracy.

Muslim victimhood, anti-Hindu digs, and gaumutra jibes: Meet ex-IAS officer Sasikanth Senthil plotting Congress victory in Karnataka elections

Given his ideological inclination, it comes as no surprise that Sasikanth Senthil has fear mongered about the NRC and CAA before joining the Congress.

Jaspal Bhatti’s satire comes to life- IAS officer’s dog goes missing in Gwalior, police engage in search, “missing posters” pasted

Gwalior police along with staff of the Gwalior zoo started searching for the dog. Missing posters have been also pasted on the surrounding Dhabas.

Internet applauds IAS officer for administering CPR on a conscious man in viral video, however, doctors disagree with his method

While many people on social media praised the IAS for saving a life of a conscious man whom he gave CPR, doctors criticized him saying that this is not the proper way to administer CPR.

Bihar Court orders Patna Police to register rape case against a senior IAS officer and a former RJD MLA

After hearing the petition filed by the victim's lawyer, the Additional Chief Judicial Magistrate (ACJM) of Danapur Civil Court in Bihar has ordered the registration of a rape case.

Author Ami Ganatra, Nityanand Misra explain why Drishti IAS managing director was wrong about Ram-Sita in his comments and subsequent explanation

Author Ami Ganatra slammed the Drishti IAS professor for obtusely cherry-picking a line from the scripture

UPSC coaching centre Drishti IAS Managing Director compares Hindu Goddesses Sita to dog-licked food, brainwashes students against Hinduism

UPSC coaching centre Drishti IAS has landed in trouble after a video of its managing director mocking Hindu god and goddesses has gone viral on social media

Odisha: Congress MLA Md Moquim sentenced to 3 years of rigorous imprisonment in a loan fraud case, granted bail

The court sentenced Cuttack MLA Moquim, former IAS officer and Managing Director of ORHDC, Vinod Kumar.

Bihar: IAS officer Harjot Kaur Bhamra expresses regret over her controversial remarks, cites patriarchal society as the reason behind her argument

Harjot Kaur Bhamra said in her explanation letter, "I express regret if my words hurt any girl's sentiments. I didn't intend to humiliate anyone or hurt anyone's sentiments; in fact, I intended to inspire them to be independent."

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