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How Covaxin continues to be targeted by vested interest groups: ICMR rejects BHU ‘study’ that claimed adverse effects, doctors highlight misleading methods

ICMR, in its statement on BHU's study about Covaxin side effects pointed out that there were several methodological flaws in the study.

Covid vaccines did not increase the risk of sudden death among ‘healthy’ young adults, other factors responsible: ICMR study

Covid-19 vaccination, it added, by and large, has been documented to prevent all-cause mortality across age groups and settings.  The primary purpose of vaccination is to prevent Covid-19-associated severity. Studies have documented adverse events, predominantly thromboembolic events, following Covid-19 vaccination, it noted. 

“Severe COVID patients must avoid over-work”, says Health Minister Mansukh Mandaviya citing ICMR research on rising heart attack cases

"The ICMR has conducted a detailed study and found out that people who have suffered from severe COVID-19 infection should not do hard work for some time. It should be postponed for a year or two," Mansukh Mandaviya said.

Influenza A Subtype H3N2 behind the recent rise of respiratory illnesses: ICMR

"A persistent cough, sometimes accompanied by fever, running through India for the past two-three months is due to Influenza A subtype H3N2. The H3N2, which has been in wide circulation for the past two-three months, causes more hospitalisations than other subtypes," ICMR experts said.

ICMR approves OmiSure, the first RT-PCR kit to detect Omicron variant of COVID

Amid the Omicron scare, a new version of COVID-19 wreaking devastation on the world, India has come up with the first Omicron detection kit.

The Print uses sero survey results to claim 92.65 crore Indians were infected with Covid-19: Here is why they are wrong

The Print didn't consider that sero survey included vaccinated people and healthcare workers, which resulted in skewed result

International magazine claiming India suffered 5-7 times more Covid-19 deaths is baseless speculation: Health Ministry on claims by The Economist

Health ministry refutes claims by The Economist that India's Covid-19 fatality numbers are several times more than official numbers

ICMR approves self-use rapid antigen testing kit for Covid-19: Read about Mylab’s Coviself

Coviself is a do-it-yourself kit for Covid-19 testing, manufactured by Pune-based Mylab Discovery Solutions Ltd.

‘Irrational and ineffective’ Plasma therapy dropped from govt of India’s Covid treatment protocol

The rampant use of plasma therapy had also resulted in black marketing of the same with donors charging thousands for plasma thus commercializing the entire process.

As ICMR study proves high efficacy of made in India Covid vaccines, read how politicians and media had stoked vaccine hesitancy against Covaxin

For many months, doomsday predictors had fuelled vaccine hesitancy by making all kinds of baseless claims about Covaxin

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