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After being called out for supplying faulty rapid test kits, China blames India for not being able to comprehend the utility of the kits

After exporting the deadly Wuhan Coronavirus to the world, China has been caught dumping faulty Chinese rapid test kits to various countries

Congress leader Udit Raj spreads misinformation about coronavirus test kits, ICMR calls out the fake news

Congress leader Dr Udit Raj claimed that while 17 companies in India were ready to provide coronavirus testing kits for as low as Rs 500, PM Modi gave the contract to one Gujarat-based company for Rs 4,500 per kit.

Coronavirus found in two species of Indian bats: ICMR study

ICMR and NIV carried out studies on Indian bats species and found different kind of coronavirus in two species.

Did the Modi govt not consult experts before extending lockdown? ICMR refutes the falsehood spread by Caravan Magazine

The ICMR today took to Twitter to refute the falsehood spread in its name on coronavirus by Caravan Magazine.

Meet Minal Dakhave Bhosale: The woman behind India’s first coronavirus testing kit which delivers results in less than half the time as compared to...

The made-in-India coronavirus testing kit will cost Rs 1200, about a quarter of the Rs 4500 that imported testing kits cost

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