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Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey has got himself in a pickle after posing with a "Smash Brahminical Patriarchy" poster
Naxal leaders talk about Bhagat Singh, Rajguru and fighting for tribal rights while recruiting innocent youth
An apparent viral article on The Wire has declared war and gifted a soldier to the right-wing.
Any regulation that can just as easily morph into a tool of censorship must be opposed
Mankind evolved, but trace elements of the jungle remained
Ola could be trying an April Fool's prank with Ola News Network, but they should actually do it. This is why.
The boy in Kerala rebels against the Communists because he wants freedom
Right has some inherent handicaps in battle against the left, but nothing was done to overcome those.
Many supporters want BJP to stick to Hindutva to defeat caste politics. But will it work electorally?
Independent thinkers, who by virtue of being independent can't be leftist, guard their independence quite a lot.
The left-wing virtue signalling activists are noting but intolerant bunch of authoritarian maniacs.
An exclusive report that exposes how the 'intellectuals' and 'activists' are ending up helping professional assassins.
Taking lessons from its bitter 2014 defeat, the Left has invested lots of resources into building an online fortresses.
if you want freedom, learn to outrage on every assault on freedom of expression.
Three Ds - disguise, disenchantment, denial - are the quintessential 'qualities' of an Indian pseudo-liberal.
Arvind Kejriwal is failing. He may or may not bounce back. But his story teaches everyone a lesson.
I will revere you only if you align to my ideology, else you will be dismissed as a troll, misogynist or racist.
These were clearly orchestrated such that the discourse can be moved away from developmental issues to divisive ones.
Liberalism has become the new religion. There are just too many similarities.
Right Wing might not be doing everything 'right'. But there is no way it can go as wrong as the Left Wing.
Indian dharmic right needs to take a break and introspect if this is a desirable development.
Vijay Shekhar once again in the cross-hairs of the usual suspects.
Left has used this power of labeling to avoid criticism, now it has become a farce.
The leaders on the ‘right’ are often called ‘demagogues’, which is true in the ancient sense of the word.
The tirade against Arnab Goswami by Barkha Dutt has many layers to it. TRPs, ego, and ideology to name a few.

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